Implementation Plan and Objectives

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It is essential for the management of any organization to understand the goals, objectives, and policies of an enterprise in order to know where they head as a team. The employee fraternity needs to be in touch with the goals that the company has to accomplish to have all working towards the same vision and mission. This helps reduce the conflicts associated with the direction (Falcone, Nick, Halbruner, Fogarty &Vincelette, 2007). It is the task of the strategic team to ensure that every person in the organization understands all these and have everyone in the boat sailing towards one achievement. The company that deals in green energy. The company invests in solar installation systems as an alternative source of energy to the conventional energy sources including electricity and gas. The company targets homeowners and commercial enterprises as its primary clientele. The company is organized into various departments that have specific mandates, headed by departmental heads who are responsible for ensuring that the mandates are met.

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Every organization should have plans laid out on how they will grow and expand to other territories as well as make more profits than the first stage of starting the operations of an organization. Hence, the first strategy that the team from Hand in Mind needs to have in place is ensuring that all understand the goals and objectives so as to move in unison towards meeting the mission and vision set by the owners or top management of the company.

Functional tactics

The CEO of the company; he holds the largest stake in the company and is a key figure in controlling its day to day activities. Other shareholders in the company include a private individual who does not work directly for the company. The supplier of the solar panels and the financial institutions are critical partners in the company as they facilitate its operations. The company employees ensure that the services are offered to the clients as per the company policy. The customers are the basis for the functioning of the company thus key stakeholders in it.

Action items

The strategic team needs to know the analysis of the business and have the SWOT results with them in order to take advantage of the strengths and opportunities that the business has and try to reduce the threats as well as work around their weaknesses to strengths and has the business raking in profits (Falcone et al.). Maintaining an open communication in the organization will help the organization employees, and team members have confidence that their complaints or compliments are checked. Employees feel better when regarded as part of the organization and not mere objects by which the organization gets profits. The strategic team should advise the human resource team to take all complaints, issues, and grievances from the employees in consideration and have the right amounts of remuneration extended to the employees (Luce, 2009). Increasing the amounts that the employees earn steadily will also help the organization as employees will not hop from the organization looking for greener pastures. Other benefits extended to the employees and flexible working hours will have the employees prefer working with this health facility than any other. They have the opportunity for growth and do not feel entrapped in their work.

Its also important for the top management to know how to deal with conflicts within the organization. Solving problems within the organization done with maturity and in a professional way that shows the organization has developed. Personal conflicts and differences amongst colleagues should be resolved amicably with respect as well as conflicts between the management and employees. This will leave a positive image to the employees as well as the clients. Conflicts amongst the teams should be solved within closed doors and avoid raising voices and uttering words that hurt each other. This will portray an organization that respects itself, its employees, and the clients too. Handling aggressive and out of control, clients should be discreet and gentle. The strategic team has the mandate to educate all team members on how to resolve conflicts peacefully as how it handles them affect the way business carried out.

Another best value discipline we could take into consideration is continuing treating their customers in the right way and has the customer is right and king in the business. This is the customer-based strategy for growth (Falcone et al.). This way, they will leave their customer satisfied, and a happy customer always comes back since their complaints get the attention they need. Giving the customers, the right services and products ensure they tell their friends about the great service they might receive somewhere and recommend to their friends. This acts as a form of indirect advertising free. This works for the referrals and is the main strategy that most businesses use as a word of mouth from existing clients spread like bushfire than what the actions of advertisements in any form.

Generic Strategy

The organization strategic team need to have the knowledge to the competitors and use the weaknesses of such to their advantage (Luce, 2009). For instance, accepting other modes of payments from the conventional insurance policies have seen it become a household name for most people who prefer it to the long and tedious processes that one has to go through before authorization by insurance companies. This has helped increase performance for all. The employees are qualified as well and, therefore, have the necessary knowledge and experience needed in handling patients, and this is one factor that leads to the generic strategy for the organization

Strategies of advertising for as a startup should have the combination of all strong areas in that methods used will attract customers and retain them. Their services are the primary form of advertisement as they treat and help manage the patients suffering from the Demetria and Alzheimers diseases. They should first create awareness of their existence by running advertisements on media both the modern social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others like running articles giving free advice (Luce, 2009). When they are everywhere, relatives to the patients will get the insights that they exist and may bring their loved abled company.

Tasks and task owners

The strategic team should put some resources aside for creation and maintenance of a website for the organization and if possible, create billboards strategically placed in the town as well as the signboard near the entrance of the health care. To counter with competition and remain relevant and ahead, the stores website will work together with the main service providers and create pop-ups in emails of random clients. The store will open accounts on some major social media pages and provide a link to the website. This will allow potential clients access the website within a click of a button. Main social websites to open include but not limited to Instagram and others.

In order to attract more traffic to the company, the team should put plans to create awareness and provide general information to potential clients. For instance, forums in religious and educational institutions that have many people gathered together at once will make people listen. This is a good opportunity for the strategic team to display their prowess as well as a form of making the crowd aware that they exist (Luce, 2009). They will inform the crowds that they exist and since people like free information that is beneficial to them, they will decide to visit the healthcare for further treatment.

Since it is a startup, it should keep their ears open on the ground and be quick to listen to patients and others who may have valuable ideas relevant to help the team make sound decisions in the future. Patients and employees are the main sources of ideas on the suggestions that they make (Falcone et al.). Getting customer feedback and improving the services daily will ensure that the organization always remains ahead.

The company should have strategies in place to advance in education for all its team players. With the advancement of technology and new knowledge cropping up anytime, the team needs to be in touch with wide and extensive information and other trending issues in the field of health. There are new discoveries, tests, and knowledge that scientists come up with every day and they need to know the new changes (Luce, 2009). The team will have all necessary new information, and this will ensure that the team plays and keeps ahead of all especially the competitors. They are always prepared in case of any eventuality and clients will have the confidence in their team, as there is no ignorance in knowledge and information. This will be for every member of the Hand of Mind team and not only the top management and other senior officials.

Resource allocation

By engaging in solar energy supply business is more of doing good to the community it is serving making as .it improves access to clean energy for its clients. The company was formed on the basis of providing environmentally friendly energy to its clients making be a social enterprise.


Hand in Mind is a social enterprise whose aim is to provide a sustainable and environment-friendly energy to its customers. The company plays a strong role in ensuring that the environment is safe and used sustainably as it facilitates the usage of pollution free natural energy. Though the company is still a start-up, it has a great potential to improve the lives in the society as it promotes the usage of clean energy that helps in conserving the environment and reduce the global warming menace. The cause that the company is promoting and is potentiality for growth makes it a good company to work for.


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