Should Private Security Personnel Have a Stronger Background in Business or Criminal Justice?

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Date:  2021-03-29

The private security officers offer security services to property owners by providing a safe environment for them (Brown). Although a security officer plays numerous different roles, his primary function is that of preventing crime. The presence of a security personnel in a premise acts as a deterrent to all potential lawbreakers who might be interested in perpetrating a crime. Due to the risky nature of their job, private security guards should attain a substantial knowledge about their work. Nevertheless, there has been heated debates in the past focused on discussing the best training that a private security guard should be offered. This essay offers a discussion of the reasons why security officers should have a background training in the field of criminal justice as opposed to receiving a background training in business.

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The first reason why it is better for a private security guard to train in the field of criminal justice as opposed to business is so that he/she can promote and increase safety while in the field. This is because private security training is primarily associated with securing appropriate knowledge of increased safety among the security personnel. In addition, the safety of the security staff members is given the leading priority by the private security corporations (Magicalknack9766). According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, training security guards reduces their likelihood of being injured while on the job (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Such training also enables the private security personnel to make fast, intelligent decisions in the event they are held under duress. As opposed to business training, having the right training in the criminal justice field allows a security office to understand the necessary security measures to adopt while in his/her profession.

The second reason why private security personnel should receive training in the field of criminal justice as opposed to training in business is so as to help them learn and recognize the essential rights of all persons caught in the light of duty. This is imperative as it enables them to know how a person caught performing a crime should be handled or treated before being reported to the police. In addition, it offers the security personnel the knowledge of how to address the various people that might be suspected of a crime when in the clients field. Improper interaction or handling of suspected criminals could result to a private security guard being prosecuted in court for the infringement of various human rights entitled to all persons irrespective of their criminal offenses. In addition, private security firms could also be prosecuted as a result of the misconduct of its staff while at the field. For these reasons, such an important training cannot be acquired by a security guard in business training institutions.

The third reason why it is essential to train a private security guard on the criminal justice matters, as opposed to business related matters, is so that he/she can know the right procedures of prosecuting a crime. The training could be focused on the criminal justice system in the nation or other areas of criminology. Through effective training, a private security guard can be in a position to know which steps to follow from the time a criminal caught in the line of duty is apprehended up to the time he/she is taken by the police. Also, such training can allow a private security officer to determine the best places to report a crime in the event he/she apprehends a person. In addition, the training in the criminal justice field empowers the security personnel with the knowledge of handling or restraining a crime suspect before the police can arrive at the scene of the crime. These are all essential skills that cannot be learned by a private security guard in any business-related training institution.


In conclusion, offering a private security guard sufficient training in the field of criminal justice is more important compared to offering him/her any training in the business field. This is because, by training in the criminal justice field, a private security member can learn on how to promote increased safety for himself/herself while in the line of duty. In addition, by training about the criminal justice department, a security guard can learn all the basic rights that must be issued to all suspects of a crime before they can be apprehended by the local authorities. This ensures that such a security officer is not exposed to any prosecutions that could arise as a result of his/her infringement of the rights of another person. Ultimately, training in the field of criminal justice is superior to training in business as it ensures that a security guard can know the right procedures to follow when prosecuting a person caught performing a criminal activity. Such procedures might be inclusive of the knowledge of how to report a crime suspect to the police.

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