Sexuality Regulations in Canada Research

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Sexuality in Native North America has been of significant consideration. It brought about several government policies; one being the emergence of the first statute referred as Indian Act in 1876. The colonial enterprise within Canada had practically enforced Eurocentric policies system, values, and beliefs upon the earliest Countries. The first missionaries were for instance determined to enlighten Indian group by trying to convince patriarchal familial structure as well as Christian ethos. Within that context, sexual diversity and same-sex erotic was negatively assessed and condemned. Ideally, the whole mission of enlightening Indian population and sexuality condemnation was a project heightened heterosexism. Besides, there was one passage quoted in regards to the perception of the missionaries.

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Joseph Francois Lafitau spoke of gender and erotic issues associating the matter with Native North Americans as from the beginning of 1711-1717. He noted that if females had the manly courage to pride themselves in front of a warrior, they ideally would never get married. The diaries which were written by Jesuit and Pedro significantly resonated with Latifau observations. Pedro identified the future need to do away with all sexual and erotic relations. He said that countries needed to set up a structure of Christian morality. The research done indicated that women who wore men clothes or dressed like males were hermaphrodites. They were also said to be homosexuals who were committed to immoral activities. In fact, the observers concluded that such people needed holy faith and Christian ethos put in them.

Sexuality has been a primary background of discrimination, laws, and regulations in different countries all over the world. Same-sex behavior between to conscious individuals was considered as a major crime in Canada. As a result, those who committed such offense were punished by being detained before the year 1969 (Bialystok et al., 2017).That same year, the Canadian government approved a specific law referred to as the omnibus bill. The law was meant to decriminalize private sexual behavior between two individuals with the age of 21 years. It was an ideal goal towards protecting the rights of gays, bisexuals, and lesbians (Johnson et al., 2018). The Trudeau regime's Omnibus Bill reformed some features involving Canada's criminal code. However, there were three most significant changes done to the lives of Canadian people. These three changes were; the law legalized abortion access, decriminalized homosexuality and also officially recognized contraception. The reformations to the guidelines regulating abortion, homosexuality, and contraception created repercussions that echoed all over the Canadian culture, as well as affected the politics in the future decades (Johnson et al., 2018). Ten years later, in the year 1977, Quebec grew to be the first authority in Canada to modify its provincial charter in regards to human rights and sexual orientation, being the prohibited root of inequality. The spectrum of gender and erotic diversity recorded in those periods of early contact implied that same-sex relationships were viewed to be of political and moral consequence.

Additionally, sports culture is both unique and varied all over the globe. Fighting for gays rights is indeed a representative of higher social trends. The western democracies have already started to legalize the marriages that involve gays and lesbians. However, there are still some belief systems that offer a stronger measure justifying social resistance (Brotto, 2016). The belief systems are entirely against the legalization of homosexuality. The record of attempted regulations and state resistance in regards to sexual orientation within Canada is long and dreadful. For almost 50 years, the Canadian agents spied on, interrogated and more so harassed lesbians and gays. The spying took place under the appearance of national security. As from the 1950s up to 1990s, the enforcement groups led by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) followed up the homosexuals as they considered them a threat to the community. Besides, the enforcement groups came up with some strategies to identify them and also face up their targets. Some high ranking officials and civil servants in Canada regime together with their families and close friends were expected to go through different tests. Ideally, these tests were purposely done to separate their sexuality.

All that went on within Canada never seemed unique. The actions and policies enacted by many countries throughout the world also seem to go against abortions, homosexuality, and lesbianism. These policies posed a clear risk towards heterosexual nuclear family motivation behind postwar re-enactment (Cao et al., 2017). The director of FBI called J. Edgar Hoover significantly led attempts with the aim of exposing Communist infiltrators publicly. The exposure happened in the United States in the 1940s (Brotto, 2016). During that period, Joseph Stalin the former wartime collaborator and a Soviet tyrant was as well ready to spearhead a communist alliance that involved China and Eastern Europe. Red scare was a Communism fear that profoundly affected the Western Nations, while the democratic heads declared the menaces of possible communist ideology. In fact, Canadian government as well hand established some rules meant to drive away the threats of Communist at home.

Canadians and their government considered themselves as more tolerant, liberal and reliable in the 1940s.They believed they were better than their counterparts, in America. It could be true in those years though in Canada, Communism was view as a significant threat to both the government and the society. However, how much the idea was right or wrong, Communism acted accordingly in the state. In the year 1946 may, the Liberal government formed the Security Panel. The panel comprised of the Chiefs of Defense Staff, Cabinet's senior representatives, External Affairs as well as the RCMP. The security Panel developed a specific screening program purposely for the public service. Besides, the program kept matters in regards to security hidden from public scrutiny. The RCMP went through the society of Canada as an independent reasonable police force, while aiming at the potential Communists. They also targeted individuals who may or might not have had any attachment to Soviet bloc. Moreover, the RCMP also targeted the trade unions the most all over the state since they suspended public liberties towards interrogating the left wingers with impending ties toward the Communist East. At some point and in the middle of the Cold War-driven confusion, fears developed into paranoia. On the other hand, homosexuality was associated with Communist surveillance. The Mounties had as well developed another physiological tool deliberately meant to distinguish homosexuality (Cao et al., 2017). Besides, Fruit Machine was developed thus sensed any chair used to calculate the stimuli reactions of strapped-in individuals. The tool was never executed beyond experimental tests; instead, it shows the level to which illogical thought controlled state activities throughout the cold war.

The late 1960s, anti-homosexual eliminators, reached their peak point in Canada as well as in the United States. The acting Attorney General and Justice Minister in the year 1967, an immature Pierre Trudeau brought in a hugely controversial Omnibus Bill that made an infamous comment concerning sexuality and abortion. The comment made indicated that there is no room for the country in the sleeping rooms of the public. In two years the same sex relationship was already approved through the smash up made by enforcement groups such as RCMP, could not be repaired. However, in 1980s Charter of Rights was implemented thus purging the sexuality challenges from Canada.

Gender impartiality and women's empowerment remains central towards the realization of reproductive and sexual rights in Canada. Supports for such rights have helped women to make critical decisions in regards to their lives. Besides, they can make decisions on when to give birth, who and when to get married. However, Discriminatory policies and laws and other harmful activities keep on violating the sexual rights of girls and prominent women. Such rules include the ones that criminalize abortion, female genital mutilation, failure to punish marital rapists and more so forced and early marriage (Freedman, 2017). The violations are grounded in gender stereotypes and norms that try to control the bodies of women and sexualities.

The Canadian government is known for protecting women rights and empowering them every day. The liberal-leaning nature of the country influences the development of women in the entire world. A significant number of Canadian females have ventured into prostitution as a way of earning a living (Freedman. 2017). Therefore, the government has fully supported their idea by legalizing prostitution unlike in other nations. On the other hand, some individuals have seen this situation as immoral, and the big question is; who should be punished? The women who are trading their sex for money or the men who are buying sex services? The Canadian Christians have condemned the act as it is biblically wrong (Hinchliff et al., 2016). Some European countries like German have also legalized prostitution on the subject of sex workers as bodies who can be work self-sufficiently or on a contract basis. Therefore, this was among the many factors that have led to the legalization of prostitution in Canada.

In fact, the prostitutes comply with tax just like other workers. Revenue from prostitution has highly boosted the Canadian economy with some of the companies that have greatly benefited from prostitution being the cologne industries (Freedman, 2017). The general legalization of prostitution comes with substantial limitations that can be executed by Canadian metropolises regarding zoning as well as taxes. In other places like the Netherlands, the brothel owners' have been forced to close down especially in Amsterdam. In the brothels, it was discovered that women were kept there in the name of prostitutes and later used as drug traffickers (Lyons et al., 2017). Therefore, prostitution is a hot topic not only in Canada but in the entire world.

Age is a major factor determining one's ability to engage in prostitution. Each country has a particular period at which their young females can legally participate in sexual activities. In Canada, the law states that a woman above the age of 16 years has the freedom to trade their sex for money. The rule applies to all forms of sexual activities such as kissing, sexual intercourse among others (Freedman, 2017). However, there are few cases whereby the age limit for sexual activities is higher than 16 years if there is need of relationship of trust and authority of dependency (Zimmer-Gembeck et al., 2015). Typically, an over 16 years old person has the ability agree to sexual activity legally.

Different individuals define pornography differently based on their culture and beliefs. In most cases, the word is used in Canadian debate to refer to materials that are sexual which could cause harm to the viewers. The pornographic materials are sexually explicit and could cause sexual urges to the viewers. The issue of pornography is covered in Canadian law section 163 which is against the child pornography. On the other hand, the Canadian criminal law has declared adult pornography as legal. Therefore, it is easy to get adult pornographic videos than obscene child materials. Adult materials can be obtained in movie shops, over the internet or in other shops selling entertainment materials.

Due to the growing social concerns and several topics being tabled in various debates, there was a...

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