Sexual Harassment at Work: 8/10 Women Affected - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-11


In recent years' different human rights organizations have been raising visibility on the sexual harassment and assault that employers are experiencing at the workplace with women affected most. The sexual harassment is wildly spread across the world at the workplace, where out of ten women eight women of them have experienced sexual harassment at the workplace, those who have been sexually harassed have experienced some problems in their lives. Women who are the target experiences physical and mental problems, occupational problems, low earning rates, women and men who have experienced sexual harassment feel discouraged to explore their careers to the next level like the high paying jobs this has created a huge gender gap where men are advancing more compared to their male counterparts. Some forms of discrimination have also been witnessed due to harassment based on race, ethnicity, age, disability, and sexual orientation.

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The article highlights how sexual harassment and assault have affected women in terms of their economic growth, their security at the workplace, and the cost of the harassment to employers. The article also provides recommendations on how to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace and to reduce its effect on creating an atmosphere for everyone at the workplace.

Defining and Reporting Sexual Harassment

According to the U.S., A department office of justice against women violence define3 sexual harassment as any form of nonconsensual sexual behavior in the tribunal and state laws, and it includes when the victim cannot consent to the act. The U.S Equal Employment Opportunities Commission puts it clear that any unwanted sexual advances, seeking sexual favor, or any verbal and physical that resembles sexual harassment constitute sexual harassment. Women have been filing sexual harassment cases compared to men, with more black women reporting many cases of sexual harassment that include racial discrimination.

Jobs Associated With High Risks of Sexual Harassment

Some of the risk factors that are related to sexual harassment and assault at the workplace should be identified to help in eliminating sexual harassment that is witnessed in the working places. Those working for tips, working in the accommodation and food services departments that include the hotels, and wait staff report more cases of sexual harassment from their bosses, co-workers, and customers, but they do not quite their jobs because it's their main sources of income.

Working in isolated places, those working in isolated places hotel workers, agricultural workers, domestic works report more cases of sexual harassment in their working places from their bosses, customers, and co-workers. Those working in an isolated context are vulnerable to sexual harassment because there was evidence when the action was taking place.

Women working in male-dominated jobs are likely to experience sexual harassment; more women were working in traditionally male-oriented jobs have been reporting such cases. Ten women working at the construction centers; six of them report sexual harassment cases, including being touched without their consent or asked for sex, and some of the women experience harassment almost every day from the working site.

Cost of Sexual Harassment to Individuals and the Companies

Mental and physical health problems, those experiencing harassment, undergo both physical and mental health problems from the act. There are reduced opportunities for the victims as they are afraid of undergoing the same experience; some are forced to change their careers due to the harassment they experienced.

Legal cost, sexual harassment has a high legal cost that has not been disclosed; sexual harassment has resulted in more employee turnover in recent years. Sexual harassment has increased absenteeism among victims. This is cost by the pain and embracement they have been experiencing, reducing the productivity of the company.

Recommendations for Ending Sexual Harassment at Workplaces

Creating the necessary awareness through providing training and resources to help address the issue, developing appropriate tools to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.

Work Cited

Shaw, Elyse, Ariane Hegewisch, and Cynthia Hess. "Sexual harassment and assault at work: Understanding the costs." Institute for Women's Policy Research Publication, IWPR B 376 (2018).

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