September 11, 2001 Attacks Essay

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On September 11, 2001, it that about 19 militants which are associated with the Islamic extremist group called al-Qaida were reported to have hijacked about four aeroplanes so carry an attack in the united states. Two of these planes were flown towards the twin towers of the world trade centre in the New York City. the plane which was involved in this attack hit the Pentagon which is just located outside Washington Dc. The fourth plane was reported to crush into a field which is in Pennsylvania. The whole incident saw to it that about 3,000 individuals were killed. in light of this, the united states government was triggered to come up with various initiatives which can be used in combating terrorism in future. It is therefore through this, that the date September 11 is paid a lot of tribute. The tribute is majorly directed to the individuals who lose their lives on this date. The whole nation gathers in unity and dignity so as to honour the freedom that has been since fought for over the years. It is this same freedom that the loved ones have as well died for over the past. One of the subjects which are presented by this terrorist attack was murder. According to, it can be just said that murder is the meaning of 9/11

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September 11, 2001, will go into the history as one of the saddest days in the world. However, to some issues which could have been addressed in time to avoid the situation. According to Fredrickson et al (2003), in August 2001 the ruling president George Bush received a classified threat which was believed to have come from Osama Bin Laden. The threat illustrated on the terrorist attack network by the Al-Qaida Significantly, there were also instances of direct warnings which were made towards Bush. By May of the year 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency informed the white house of the report that there was a group which was planning on the terrorist attack on the nation. Unfortunately, some of the administration did not take these warnings seriously. They were on the contrary considered as blusters (Fredrickson et al 2003).

Ever since the attacked happened, there are various theories which have been therefore used in an attempt to explain the occurrence of the theory. The first theory is the aspect of suspected insider trading. Most of the theorist today maintain that before the actual attack, there were numerous amount of put options which were received by the nation. Through this put options, it was also recorded that American airlines tend to have stock and speculated the fact that some of the insiders may have had the knowledge of the attack in advance. Significantly, in the days which were leading to the attack, some analysis of this particular theory shows a trend of arising in the put to call ratio for the united states airlines. These were specially recognized from the two airlines which the attack was intended.

The second theory which significantly explains the event is the air defence stand down theory. This is one of the conspiracy theory which states that North America Aerospace Defense Command tend to have issued what was known as a stand down order. Others argue that they deliberately scrambled fighters late so that it could allow the hijacked planes to reach their specific targets without any interference. The theorist here believes that the NORAD had the ability to locate and also interpreted the planes on this particular date. As such, its failure to do so can be used to explain the fact that the government had the conspiracy to allow this particular attack to happen (Fredrickson et al 2003).

The third theory is the attributed to the Israeli agents. The theorist here claims that Israeli agents could have had the knowledge of the attacks. This can be explained by the fact that four hours later immediately after the attack, the FBI arrested five Israeli who had been filming the smoking s skyline. They were filming from the rooftop of the white van in a parking lot. They were e arrested for a puzzling is heavier.


Philosophically, there seems to be a substantial gap that exists between the existing right-wing neoconservatives which include the vice president dick Cheney and also the more neoliberal interventionist as Blair. However, as much as there were such differences, the tow came to common ground as far as the conclusion is a concern. They got together for the fact that a military approach was deemed central to both which were seen to be protecting the west and pushing back militancy. The aim of this was to be done by improving conditions which were seen to be in more poorer and volatile regions of the world. All in all, I strongly believed that the attacker would have been stopped. All the signs were crystal clear. This was possible if the Bush team had reacted with the urgency to some of the warnings which were contained in all the available daily briefs.

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