SentryOne: Transforming SQL Server Performance Since 2004 - Essay Sample

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SentryOne is a private technology company that focuses on empowering the Microsoft data professionals, to gain a breakthrough performance across the virtual, physical and cloud environment. Greg Gonzalez founded the company in 2004, it is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and now has its recent office is in Dublin Ireland, SentryOne EMEA. Throughout the years of its existence, the SentryOne has been significant in developing the transformative prowess to optimize SQL Server performance. The SentryOne solutions are vital to creating, testing, monitoring and documenting the database ad applications on SQL Server, Azure SQL, and Microsoft data platforms. The company's team comprises of the Microsoft MVPs, who Microsoft acknowledged them for their expertise and community impact. SentryOne seeks to penetrate the markets in DACH countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) as one of its plan to expand its market operations. Some of the top competitors in software technology development in DACH countries include ELEKS, Django Stars, Frequentis, SKIDATA, among many others (Sentryone, 2019). According to Meyer and Tran, (2006), market penetration strategy entails focusing on the new market to sell the existing products or services, and gain a higher market share. The following study seeks to discuss the Market Penetration Strategies that SentryOne can apply to get into DACH Countries.

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The Market Penetration Strategies Into DACH Countries

Prospect qualification through the market research: Different business environment varies based on the country of operation. Considering that SentryOne has been operating in the US, the environment there might vary with that of DACH countries. The essence of this step is to minimize the risk of business failure, understand the competitors, and to learn the target clients, SentryOne needs to make a proper analysis of the market before venturing. The different means of conducting the market search include online research, attending trade shows and exhibitions; visit the market in person, and reviewing profile and financial reports of the competitors.

Develop generation tools to attract more targeted leads: This is one of the marketing tools used to reach the large pool of the target customers. Considering the DACH countries, the market is large and the proper way to get reach to its potential client is through the Google Ads, Hoovers, Datanyze, and Chatbots. That way, potential clients and customers will get to know the existence of the company and its mission in the new market of technology.

Build a potential customer and client list: After getting knowledge on the market, SentryOne can generate a list of potential Customer and Client through different means like Existing customers; Internet Research; Trades Shows or Fairs; Partner Sales; Social Media; Create a course; Utilize industry networking sites; Partner with non-competing firms; Purchase a Lead List; Cold calling and cold emailing; and Leverage own website. The potential customer and clients will guarantee the company chances of survival, and from them, the company will get referrals and hence strengthen its operation.

Adopt an effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy: the business needs to have a different plan on how they can get their products into the market. In that essence, some of the factors that need to be considered include areas to apply the strategy, Segment of the B2B Customers (appendix A), developing GTM strategy to suit different customer segments, The SMB segment (going upstream vs. Downstream) (see appendix B), and CAC to model for the GTM approach (see appendix C) (Sales Hacker, 2019).


To sum up, since SentryOnewill is a well profitable company on its market of origin, then without a doubt it will still make it through the DACH market. The key marketing strategies, mentioned have a different and unique perception to the market, different from the competitors. The basis of the marketing penetration strategies is on getting a portion of the market share and substantiating the viability in the market. Market penetration is much risky and it works well for the company that operates differently from the ordinary.


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