Essay Example on Retail Electronic Store Opens at Walmart Shopping Mall

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Date:  2023-10-04


Our consumer retail electronic store company commenced its operation in Walmart Shopping Mall with broad coverage of 45200 square meters. However, the location is off the roundabout avenue close to the main road leading to the superhighway. The place is surrounded by business enterprises like banks, hotels, and train terminal almost close to the way. Notably, the mall is in a place where people of many walks of life and characters come to window shop as well others do their daily shopping making the place to be a severe business environment. Twenty thousand visitors daily are the number of people the mall serves in approximation. Having such a considerable number comes with its risk to customers and the business.

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Common risks present involve shoplifting and boosting, which occur as a result of roaming juveniles in the area who engage in shoplifting or direct theft to massive visitors daily at the mall. Car theft is on the rise as the business runs the risk of her customer’s vehicles in parking areas being stolen. Employees with malicious intention get involved in the act as under-ringing at the point of sale, card skimming and sleight of hand, which deteriorate security in the mall.

Creating and Communicating a Security Strategy

Security policy

Having a wireless network reinforced by firewalls

The retail company requires wireless network installation to help with its day to day operation. A wireless network is a significant source of connectivity to customers and acts as a wireless marketing strategy (Akyuz & Gursoy, 1, p. 175). However, this can be a risky circumstance, as some visitors or customers can easily interfere with back-office internet use by breaching the firewalls. It can also be an opening for them to siphon essential data that is not secured compromising the company and customers privacy by simply using wireless connectivity and interfering with the serves of the company.

Point of sale security measures

A point of sale is a crucial area as fraudulent employees can use the space to steal for the company without the authorities being aware of the activity. RFID tags are used to prevent fraudulent activities at the cash register. According to Blytho, Sombatruang, &Johnson (2), the movement of valuable goods in the company is monitored by the control mechanism to provide the required security needed (p. 5). Undertaking facial recognition of suspects and thieves requires improved video analytics because, with an appropriate image, it will be easy to identify the criminal and single them out from others. Servers can be protected by using the data encryption to prevent and detect usage of phony devices at checkpoints that individuals can fraudulently use for later thefts on items as credit cards.

Security policy and standards

DSS, PCI standards

A company that allows customers to make payments by use of cards needs to comply strictly with DSS, PCI standards. Being that Wal-Mart is retail businesses requires efforts on validation of the PCI to save time and money collectively and gain the security of data. Following both the DSS, PCI standards facilitate cards transaction with the safety of end to end encryption.

Security policy practices

Understanding how thieves and shoplifters work is one way to stop retail theft and eliminate crime. Fraudulent activities will also find their ideas even though the robust technology set to provide convenience shopping to the customers is put in place. Tactics common that are criminal include creating sweetheart deals, creating counterfeit coupons, self-checkout scams and criminal chargebacks. Understanding these illegal activities and tactics will make it easy to prevent and detect crimes hence reducing retail theft. Akyuz & Gursoy (1) argue that surveillance installation technology is vital to expose those thieves who act as gangs and commit a crime (p. 175). The groups can be easily detected and suspects accused and handed over to the respective authorities. Security education in the organization serves the purpose of ensuring that personnel and employee understand how information technology environment operates and the protective measures they should employ to acquire security habits that are fundamental to the organization. Acess of information needs to be classified to ensure that personnel assigned to adhere to trustworthiness, reliability and loyalty through undergoing the personnel security investigation process. Basic training is essential for IT employees to enlighten them on how to hold top or critical company secured information. Security strategy development is a detailed process that needs to be taken keenly from its introduction stage. This calls for planning, assessment and monitoring regularly to ensure things are done correctly to minimize vulnerabilities and threats in the process to ensure system integration practice and communication systems are adhered.


There is a need for aligning the business structures to the security strategy to have a dynamic mental model that is holistic to the organization. The company’s CFO, Risk officers and CISOs can collaboratively be joined to understand their role in company’s security and the strategies the companies have lied down to mitigate in the event of security strategy failure. Secondly, an approach of having a boardroom security status meeting brings credibility to the company as the organization will eventually tailor their security strategy to meet their needs in future.

Source List

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John M. Blythe, Nissy Sombatruang, & Shane Johnson. 2019. What security features and crime prevention advice is communicated in consumer IoT device manuals and support pages? Journal of Cybersecurity, 5(1), tyz005.

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