Self-Reflection: Introduction to Management Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-07

Management is a vital aspect of any organization. It involves the principles of controlling, organizing, coordinating, directing organizational activities with the aim of harnessing the relevant resources so as to achieve the organizational objectives. Every organization requires an effective management system for it to grow. From Week 9 to Week 12, I have learned about various management aspects that are going to be very helpful in my future career.

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In Week 9, I learned about the critical perspectives on management and organizations. This topic helped me understand the changing expectations of a worker in an economy that adopts a cyclic model. Different organizations use varying mechanisms for identity control. On their part, employees use various strategies to cope. It was interesting to learn that in the application of the calculated integrated identity management strategies, there are consequences. This information will help me in future as I seek to streamline my company's working environment.

Week 10 was even more insightful as I learned about the changing concept of careers. I came to understand that the career industry has evolved over the years and all that seems to last is the aspect of change. The traditional leadership styles may no longer apply and that means the development of the tri-sector leader. I have learned that with such a change, the relationship between the employer and employee has to give room for negotiations. This knowledge will help me adopt an entrepreneurial mindset so as to adapt to the changes.

Week 11 was an eye-opener to me. The topic was employee well-being. In fact, this was my most favorite topic. This is because the topic enlightened me on the importance of having a satisfied workforce. I was able to learn that with the identification of the challenges of the 21st century, an organization can improve the well-being of its employees and achieve organizational goals with ease. It is one of the major concepts that I will apply in my future career because it made me understand that with a contented staff, anything is achievable in an organization.

Week 12 brought in the aspect of employee voice. This is an aspect I did not know about. Never before had I given a thought to employee voice. It was, therefore, very interesting to learn that employee voice is crucial as it has an impact on the attitudes and behavior of the workers both within and outside the organization. This knowledge is very significant for my future career as it will help me analyze the benefits of employee voice opportunities and legal frameworks so as to devise the most effective policies that improve employee welfare and help in achieving organizational objectives.

In the course of the four weeks, we also had very useful interactive group activities. The activities included very informative questions, readings, and videos. The video based on Alibaba Company, for instance, was very useful to me. It made me understand that the success of a company does not necessarily depend on its financial muscle but the leadership style and ability to ensure job satisfaction among the workers. This is a concept that I find very useful for my future career.


In conclusion, I must acknowledge that the four topics covered in the four weeks have been very informative. The critical perspectives on management and organizations, the changing concept of careers, employee well-being and voice, as well as the numerous group activities helped me learn a lot about management. The information is very essential in shaping my future career as a manager.

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