Seizing Opportunities: How UW-Madison Strengthened My Media Career - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-22


I acknowledge that the University of Wisconsin at Madison is the perfect fit for me with its extensive training in attributes of presentation, strategy, writing, reporting, and research. The developed the idea of planning for my future career in the field of media in high school. The strong desire and passion for media directed me to seize every opportunity to gain more insights into the concept. I employed my skills in manipulating and editing pieces of films in a manner invisible to the audience to complete a school project and produce films. I also reviewed the shooting scripts and raw materials and developed a decision on shooting focusing on the value of the scene and its contribution to continuity.

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The inspiration to pursue a course in media production is because of the significant writers graduating from Madison. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis graduated from Communication arts and wrote Lost while co-creating Once Upon a Time for ABC. The university also produced significant filmmakers and television producers, namely Kevin Murphy, Steven Levitan, Ben Karlin, Michael Mann mention a few. Jill Solloway graduated from communication arts and wrote and produced from HBO`s Six Feet Under winning the directing awards for Sundance 2013. All these remarkable media experts indicate that Madison is the place to be.

The UW Advertising Club (AD club) is a perfect platform to enhance my experience in the field of advertising through creative opportunities, camp, and group trips. From the various brands' colorful advertisements, I drew inspiration from artistic and original ideas embodied in the ad and applied them to my media work. Other times I collected video and microfilms of peers where I compared them to determine any of my deficiencies and make significant improvements. I will take complete advantage of the opportunities created in the advertising field because it is crucial, I join a college with clubs who are well conversant with the media industry. The university in collaboration with the Badger Report, will improve my skills in analysis, writing, recording, editing and producing live-streamed weekly newscasts. It will help me gain in-depth insights into the multimedia strategy of reporting.

I participated in the school microfilm festival, where I directed the shooting of a microfilm Youth Symphony. It represented the interesting student period have as friends in junior high school. As the film producer, I coordinated every activity and engaged in directing, photography, actor arrangement and post-production. The period of producing films unearthed my ability to develop creative ideas in team discussions and convey depth in photography through color. I employed my video manipulation and editing abilities to complete the class projects. For instance, I vividly demonstrated through a designed video presentation my insights in poems by explaining the meaning of French sing lyrics in the video. All these factors have improved my enthusiasm and awareness of media and confirmed my dedication to pursue a course in media production at communication arts.

The media industry is rapidly evolving, requiring high pedigree of media professionals. These unique opportunities at Madison will enhance my background and serve my career interests. With advanced professional knowledge and global vision from Madison, I will gain better competitive edges in the future employment market. In this regard, I am confident that learning at your esteemed university is a crucial stepping stone in my aspirations to create memorable achievements in the media field in combination with polished professional knowledge and skills.

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