Secure Your Business With a Professional Security System - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-01


Establishing a proper security system shouldn't be an individual project since one is required to hire an expert for advice. One is required to establish a professional security system that would probably match his/her company or business. It is up to the person to take time and select the appropriate firm that has got vast experience to run the job efficiently. Below are some of the basic elements of a suitable security system. First is the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), numerous businesses or companies have employed it as the best form of surveillance in volatile areas that need serious monitoring. Digital CCTV cameras work jointly with multiple cameras to transmit signals through a group of monitors. The signals are not distributed publically, and they are used to promote surveillance all over the place (Buschmann, 2013).

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Secondly is IP Surveillance, this is a modern security system that works with unique cameras(Network Cameras and Wireless Security Cameras) plus the Internet Protocol in transmitting audio signals and image data. The IP Wireless Cameras operates by sending and receiving data using computer networks, and the internet as a whole hence allows business investors to have a view at the cameras through an internet connection (Pathan, 2016). Thirdly is Video Analytics-refers to the process of using computers automatically in identifying matters of interest without any operator to watch the playback of the video. The main aim of this system is that it can work in identifying issues in the area of interest and send notifications to the administrator at once (Jain . 2015).

Besides, is the Access Control which helps the relevant authorities to regulate and control the access of only authorized personnel to get in and out of the facility. The security systems also subject the unauthorized personnel to delays and detect any malice planned (Ling, & Masao, 2011.) Another element is the Alarm systems. These are electronic gadgets design to quickly alert the specific users in detecting danger and intrusions, theft, and fire. Lastly is the Alarm Monitoring (Peltier, 2016). It is part of the security system and integrated surveillance that businesses prefer in monitoring the selected alarm system. The monitoring ensures that once there is an alert, then the actions are taken immediately. It gives one easy time knowing the business is under 24hrs protection.


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