Mediation as a Tool for Conflict Management Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

Mediation brings belligerence between the disputed parties therefore a tool for conflict management. The literature on conflict management identifies mediation as the basic tool for conflict resolution. Through the process, there is the legitimacy of how different groups reach an agreement depending on their differences in views or perceptions. It is important to understand that mediation is not only the best tool used to resolve conflicts between the disputed parties but also the best strategy. In conflict resolution, a third party is involved in discussing the solutions to the problems and then through the peaceful involvement of each party the conflicts are solved. The author in the article discusses the conflicts between the rebels and the government and how biased mediators are involved in solving conflicts. The mediators help in reaching an agreement in armed and internal conflicts.

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Mediation is employed by various organizations in conflict and dispute management and not only to the government. Here, a third party which is neutral assists the conflicting parties to understand their problems, see which side of the angle has weight and then agreeing through association and negotiation on which side to be considered inherent. This means, there must exist confidentiality in the process of mediation and then an agreement that involves self-determination of the involved parties. They agree that a group was under exploitation and therefore, there is need to come up with an effective solution to help a group from oppression. Conflict is managed by ensuring access of different structures of peace and justice and also ensuring that the rebels are committed to peace. Mediators are guided by codes of conduct and principles that they have to consider as appropriate in order to ensure that balance is achieved.

In any conflict, the mediator has to identify the problems involved in the parties, for example, instances that involve an imbalance between powers, different perceptions or agendas and things that make the parties deviate. In order to ensure the process is successful, the mediator has to ensure that the problems are identified, brought to the bar and then negotiations involved in order to bargain the interests of the two or more groups. Mediations become an effective tool because it presents an opportunity for peace to be restored in between for example the government and the rebels. Mediation ensures that there is effective communication between the parties in settlement of the conflicts.

The study about the use of the Uppsala Conflict Data Base (UCDB) illustrates how mediation results in positive effects, especially in the government. Mediation as a tool helps the warring parties to regulate their incompatibility by reaching a level of dialogue. Incompatibility means, there is the development of a form of agreement either in writing or through verbal means. This method is related to the voluntary process of conflict resolution that employs pure peacekeeping strategies and observation which is ideally kept at the bar. It encompasses the provision of a good environment for example offices for conflict dialogue since it is related to the involvement of more than one group. Mediators identify the sources of the conflicts which sometimes lie beneath differences in emotions, agendas or personalities. Mediation is effective in conflict resolution in the fact that is comprised of tools that are more efficient when compared to negotiations and other methods of conflict resolution.

There are different styles and strategies of mediation that are employed to affect the peace process. However, they may vary from one organization, mediator or the involved parties. For example, the article depicts various mediation efforts that are used to resolve incompatibility. Mostly, they are not rejected by the parties because they have a strong juxtaposition that culminates logic in the process of ensuring that peace is achieved. The first strategy involves making proposals concerning the conflicted disputes to ensure that every interest between both parties is captured. The mediator will then analyze the problems between them before involving them in a negotiation. This style is used in many business organizations to give that the disputing parties a form of communication especially when it comes to solving their own problems. Similarly, it is used by the government is trade and businesses to facilitate the progress in government operations and betterment of the economy.

In the same parallel, a mediation style that affects peace involves sending of peace envoys when representing a country or an organization in solving matters conflict. These mediators are coded with qualities and principles that are unbiased even if they seem like supporting their own countries or organizations. According to the study, the mediators have no capability of supporting any side thereby know to bring peace. The mediation is coded in a way that, they have to result in an unbiased juncture in order to culminate the characteristics of the efforts that are lowered towards the measures of conflict resolution. Consequently, the parties have no capacity of making a judgment without prior consultation and guidelines from the mediators who have the capacity of deciding the appropriate measures of bringing peace. However, there are variables that must be consolidated to ensure that peace is achieved. For instance, duration or time in the mediation process is important. It ensures that both parties have appropriate proposals for the problem and the solutions which they think can resolve the incompatibility.

Notwithstanding, the intensity of mediation involves important styles which illuminate peace. The literature shows that facilitative mediation involves clients or parties who are mutually bond together to share their ideas in order to reach an agreement. The mediator plays a role of interviewing by asking questions concerning the submitted proposals before making recommendations. Facilitative mediation helps the parties to come up with solutions based on their understanding although the major decisions about the solutions are suggested by the mediators. The mediators then develop an evaluation angle where they point at the weaknesses of the one party in order to illustrate the appropriate conflict resolution strategies and solutions. Evaluation is concerned with the legal requirements before looking at the interests of any groups. They show the clients the importance of diplomacy in relation to conflict resolution and the essence of legal entities in ensuring that morality and peace are achieved.


In conclusion, mediation empowers the parties involved by helping them to take responsibility for their disputes and uncovering the essence of peaceful conflict resolution. The main reason of mediation is to ensure that both parties are transformed and empowered in relation to the teaching of pro-peace techniques. Mediation helps to solve internal conflicts between different people and effecting a negotiated settlement of conflicts. The implication of the strategy brings peace which is an important likelihood of the government working with the rebel institutions or people.


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