Schizophrenia: Case Study

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Date:  2022-03-26

How Demetri's Initial Diagnosis of Schizophrenia in His Twenties was Beneficial in His Treatment at Age 41?

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that causes functional deterioration. The early detection and intervention of schizophrenia are essential for prognosis. The early identification of Demetri's symptoms of schizophrenia helped the healthcare personnel to harness the progress of schizophrenia through interventions. The initial interventions conducted at Demetri were essential for the response to treatment and his recovery. During the early treatment, the nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, and other medical care providers worked together to obtain maximum care for the patient. Demetri indicated some of the early negative symptoms he experienced, thus assisting the medical personnel to address his current case. Some of the negative symptoms experienced were reduced interest with people and objects surrounding him and affective flattening. Also, Demetri signed papers which allowed the mental health practitioners to release his earlier medical records. Therefore, through these records, medical care practitioners can address Demetri's case since they have a health background.

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Consequently, the medical records showed some of the historic experiences Demetri had gone through after his mother and dad passed away. For example, the death of Demetri's mum made him try committing suicide using a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs. The medical practitioners also noticed Demetri's mum had a schizoaffective disorder where she suffered from both significant mood disorder and psychotic illnesses. The research concerning Demetri's condition was vital since it showed that both genetic and environmental factors played significant roles in the cause of schizophrenia. Therefore, the information achieved from the lengthy psychiatric history and the current constellation symptoms made it easier for the medical providers to diagnose Demetri with Schizophrenia.

Role of Demetri's Family History in the Development of His Illness

The family history helped the doctors to know the factors which contributed to Demetri's mental disorder. The environmental factors combine with the genetic factors leading to brain conditions which make the schizophrenia symptoms to manifest. Some families might be prone to schizophrenia, but not all members will develop this condition. The death of Demetri's mum and father made him try committing suicide which can be termed as an environmental factor. The ecological factors included stress and anxiety, which changed Demetri's behavior. Also, the medical providers found out that Demetri's family had a genetic history of schizophrenia. This allowed doctors to carry out the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Therefore, schizophrenia is linked with the age of the initial as well as the occurrence of a family history of the condition.

Techniques Used by Therapists in Treatment of Demetri's Condition

The psychiatrist tends to use different approaches in the treatment of schizophrenia such as cognitive therapy, family intervention, assertive community treatment, psychoeducation, and social skill training. These techniques demonstrate the satisfactory standards of short to medium term clinical efficiency in terms of relapse rate, symptom control, and level of functioning. In Demetri's case, therapists used the cognitive therapy technique since one of their aims was to contain his anxiety that aggravated Demetri's psychotic symptoms. Therapists viewed at the significant facts which Demetri achieved despite being ill. For example, Demetri could meet all the requirements for an independent individual such as eating meals, paying bills, and doing laundry. Also, he still earned his respect from classmates and professors, and he felt guilty of withdrawing from his friends, unlike days when he was very ill. Through the cognitive studies, the therapist stated that Demetri understood the voices that his mind generated rather than attributing to the sensory perception of entities and people taking over his psyche or brain.

Additionally, the therapists used the antipsychotic drugs which acted as antidepressants to Demetri. After Demetri met with the psychiatrist, his medications were adjusted by addition of a low dose to the second antipsychotics. The antidepressants made the auditory hallucinations experienced by Demetri to decrease in both intensity and frequency. Also, after the consumption of these drugs, Demetri indicated some days he could not experience the psychotic symptoms.

Psychoeducation also helped in rectifying Demetri's case since he gained knowledge and insights from his past encounters in psychotherapy. Demetri clearly understood the risk factors for relapse among those who have schizophrenia. Also, he gained insights on the risk of avoiding taking medication, excessive stress, and loss of efficacy by medications and extreme anxiety. Since Demetri aimed 100% symptom remission, psychiatrist concentrated more anxiety and stress, which might lead to an increment in relapse. Through the psychoeducation, psychiatrist noticed that Demetri's scholarship proved to him that he was worthy and healthy. Also, therapists used the social skill technique to try and know how Demetri felt on having a girlfriend. These communication skills will help him in maintaining and creating emotional closeness in his relationships. The psychiatrist as they communicated focused more to grieving. Therefore, this made the psychiatrist refer Demetri to listening to himself, readiness, and awareness as they helped in managing the psychotic symptoms.

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