Sales Rep/Consultants: Pirate Life Brewing Opportunity in Melbourne - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


The industry ready products that I am submitting is for the Sales Rep/Consultants which is a uniquely designed position of a sales executive for the retail drinks in Melbourne. This is a short-term contract position which I believe will create more opportunities for me, and my peers in school, and fresh graduates who would like to have a strategic or additional income stream.

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Pirate life brewing is one of the leading liquors produces in Adelaide, South Australia. The company produces craft beer since it was established in 2014 by Jack Cameron, Michael Cameron, and Jared Proudfoot. the company has a unique employment policy which mainly focuses on promoting employees, and only a few slots are available per year to outsiders. the advertisement in shows that the company requires sales executives for their estimated brand. The comonomer has indicated that it needs a sales executive with a fresh viewpoint. The company has not indicated any specific essential skills or experiences requirements that is why I believe that I am a perfect fit for this position since I have a network of online, and offline friends that I can liberate to achieve my job description.

The company believes in the family spirit that is the reason they are less likely to have job openings for higher level positions. Never the less, this is an opportunity for sales executives who will also work as brand ambassadors. This means that this position will need a unique approach to demonstrate competence, meet the company's sales targets, and drive both revenue, and growth.

Based on my lack of experience as an alcohol or liquor marketer, I believe that a new twist. I will use the social networks I have established in all the social media platforms to market. The social network will be useful for marketing, and promotional activities. All friends in the network will work for me on commission which means that as the sales executive I will pay them on commission for all sales they make. While the strategy is akin to multilevel marketing whereby, I am the only person employed directly by the company in my network, but they will be working for me. All sales made by the network's friends are directly attributed to my sales account.

Personally, I am not a party animal which means that direct sales would be a challenging task. I am neither an alcoholic which makes the work more challenging. However, I have thousands of online friends who like, and frequent social events. Instead of the formal marketing strategy, introducing the informal marketing strategy that involves brand activation, and experiential marketing.

Pirate life is a strong band and it's brand identity is what sets its products apart from other products. The commonly has its logos, messages, spec brand color as well as a known approach to customer management. Nevertheless, the customer management approach is too formal for a liquor product. Because of this, the brand activation strategy is introduced as the main strategy that I will use in my sales executive role because it uses experiential marketing. As the sales executive, I will use my network of friends to generate consumer interest. The friends will use the product in their social events to experiences its unique features, and this is the only way they will et to active the brand's value. After realizing the quality of the products, they will market the products to their online and offline friends on commission. It is easy to connect the value given with the brand, and develop a strong favorite impression or opinion about the company, and its products.

I believe that social networks are the next generation marketing platform., therefore, if coupled with sweet personal interaction with the brand, a company can drive revenue, and growth. As opposed to the BOGOF strategy (buy one get one free) I believe that brand activation will give the friends not only free liquor but revenue. Through experiential make ring, I will endeavor to use activities that allow the consumers to participate in the consumption while we sell the beverages. The networked friends will go to the social events that allow liquors products with the company's products, and share the fun. In the process of the fun, they will be earning commission while introducing the liquor to their friends who will appreciate the quality and share the message with their friends through word of mouth or online recommendations. The main goals of experiential marketing are to create trust in consumers, and develop a network for friends in a way that earns them a commission.

The company has emphasized that that need a sales representative to expand its team in Victoria. The company is focused on craft beer enthusiasts with a strong sales background, and a broad network of contacts. However, while I lack the sales background, I have a broad network of contacts that will be useful for achieving the sales target. I am also a craft beer enthusiasts, and I have read a lot about craft beer because I was once interested in being a craft beer entrepreneurs. I read a lot about the industry, and have identified the important role that social media can play in beer sales. Meeting the daily key performances indicators for sales and distribution will not be a problem since the network of friends within the territories is already developed.

Below Is My Brief for Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing

Deliver targeted messages to my contacts on and off social networking sites. Both online and offline will receive messages on my new position in the company. I will also explain to my contact how they can earn some money by promoting, selling and distributing the liqueur products.

We will keep in contact with the other friends in my network to determine whenever they have events or whether there is a social event in their neighborhood.

In case there are events, I will order for them a specific amount of goods to be delivered to their locations which they will sell to the people are the social events. For every drink they sell, they sand to earn a 2% commission which they can redeem for liquor products or cash.

After the sales are made, I will prevent the company my sales records and earn m salary in addition to the commission earned. It is important to note that all the sales made by people in my networks are credited to my account because I am the one employed by the company. To sustain this sales and marketing strategy, a climate of trust between me and the network for a friend will be established. the mutually benefiting relationship between me and the multilevel marketing team will be substantive and profitable.


In conclusion, for my industry ready product, I created a unique marketing model that will piggyback on the social media network of friends to achieve. I believe that proposing a unique sales approach will make me more eligible for the posts because it demonstrates my passion, ingenuity, and creativity in marketing. Secondly, the IRP created demonstrates to the management of how social marketing can be leveraged for market development products development and market penetration. The commission strategy will be an incentive for the network of friends to sell the products and consume the products for revenue.

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