Russian Threats and Western Actions Essay

Paper Type:  Argumentative essay
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Date:  2022-04-15

There have been couples of events since 2014 that made the rest of the world watch the confrontation between Russia and the Western nations in a mixture of fear and surprise. These actions include taking over the government airports and buildings in the Ukrainian Crimea Peninsula. These events have been overshadowed by the developments in the global arena. However, despite the fact that there have been other major events like the Syrian civil war, the United Kingdom referendum and Europe immigration crisis, the 2014 events are the main reasons why the western nations have found themselves in a confrontation with Russia. This paper seeks to elucidate why the Western nations should not continue with their actions towards Russia as it will bring more harm, other than a lasting solution.

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Recently, the western countries have expanded their military exercises precisely in the NATO-united Baltic States along the outskirts of Russia to deter more aggression, and they aim to isolate and sanction Russia over its actions in Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia has tried to develop the European partners who could part the counter Russian coalition. It has also threatened to utilize atomic weapons to prevent the western assault. However, the capital of the west policymakers are more centered on Middle Eastern issues, for example, Iran. Those giving careful consideration have warned against Russia for it may split NATO permanently. The two sides should therefore seek to come up with an amicable solution as the standoff will only continue heightening the tension.

The sanctions against Russia have failed to achieve political goals as the Russian leaders think they have nothing to lose. The Russian leaders have seen the strategies used by western countries as consistently actions that tend to humble them. However, as described by one of their ambassadors, the economic sanctions in place since the Crimean annexation of 2014 is a merely latest phase in the aggressive western activity which can be traced back to the days of tsars. He said it is a trouble that arises every time Russia began to stand on its own.

The most common United States policy response to Russia across the past three decades has depended on either Russia becoming a friend and fellow democracy or can be entirely defeated. Nevertheless, Russia is not a democracy, nor is it democratizing. However, although the country may be in a secular decline, it is still a significant power on the stage of the world. The president of the United States needs to accept that Russia cannot be contained in the emerging multipolar, globalized world order or defeated. To agree, it must be engaged in an overall balance of competition and cooperation.

All the actions taken against Russia will fail; therefore, the president of the United States will have to persuade it to cooperate. The cooperation is needed in order to prevent a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction while limiting space for Russia maneuvering countries such as Syria that largely oppose America. The new United States Policy should also perceive that strains with Russia do not isolate the lines of individual or topographical issues and the common interests can hardly overlap completely. Therefore, the objective should entail constructing a web of interactions in both competitive and cooperative which will yield the most beneficial balance for the interests of the nation. Thus, instead of configuring how to transform or defeat Russia, the United States should find a new approach to use.


In conclusion, the primary cause of the conflict between Russia and the western countries is due to its support for the local rebel powers in eastern Ukraine. To defeat this country, other nations have arisen with strategies such as increasing military exercises on the borders to deter any form of aggression. However, the sanctions against Russia have failed to achieve the political objectives as the leaders in Russia are of different opinions. For Russia and other nations to come to term, the United States policymakers must change their approach on the matter.

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