Assignment Example on Rafael Trujillo

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Briefly explain how Trujillo created a family monopoly out of the Dominican economy during his first year in office.

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Historical facts account that Trujillo indeed depended on his power for selfish gain. Ideally, during his leadership, everything lawful in the nation was controlled and authorized by him; thus, he eliminated all forms of competition (Nunez, 2009). With the lack of competition, Trujillo established a monopoly within the government that made him participate in all economic prospects of the nation. For example, the esteemed leader took proprietorship of the salt, butcher retails, banned rice importation, controlled the supply channels of milk, used force to gain shares at the Compania Anonima Tabacalera and later took ownership of the tobacco company (Nunez, 2009). In simple terms, Trujillo controlled all economic realm of the nation. Additionally, he owned the music industry of the Dominican population (Nunez, 2009). To sum it up, the ideal leader controlled roughly 80 percent of industrial production and 60 percent of the nation's economic realm (Nunez, 2009).

Give two examples, one positive and one negative, of the impact of Trujillo's rule on Dominican society, during or after his 30 years in power. Explain in details

Research has often dwelled on the negative impacts of Trujillo, but indeed there were elements of positive implications of his leadership. On a positive perspective, Trujillo was seen as a role model for the Dominican Republic (Nunez, 2009). The esteemed leader fulfilled the Dominican's wish of becoming stable, prosperous, and the sense of national security during the 50s (Lantigua-Williams, 2016). Moreover, he achieved this by ensuring that by crediting sanitation, construction of new infrastructure such as roads, schools, and medical facilities, among others. Additionally, Trujillo improved the living standards of the Dominican population (Lantigua-Williams, 2016).

Contrary, Trujillo was a leader that practiced and enforced discrimination and violence. First, he destroyed the city of Santo Domingo (Lantigua-Williams, 2016). Also, after the hurricane claimed the lives of 2,000 people, he implemented martial and immediately cleared the wreckage and rebuild the city, which he later named capital Cuidad Trujillo (Lantigua-Williams, 2016). Nonetheless, his leadership was constructed under the masculine theoretical system where women were discriminated upon; thus, making them not legit to secure government jobs or pursue higher levels of education. Lastly, he massacred the Haitian population (Nunez, 2009,)n.

Describe what was call "Neo-Trujillismo" from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s.

Neo-Trujillismo between the mid-1960s to mid-1970s meant a new beginning for the Dominican Republic. It was the period when the DR reviewed the policies to geographically establish the four "Charter Towns" in the globe, and three of the sites were in Garifuna, Trujillo and Sico-Paulay Valley. Moreover, during this period, DR opened talks and corporations with foreign administrations to enhance management autonomy and indefinitely. Furthermore, the trade was improved since investors could design their laws, establish their law enforcement, and provide services and regulate the economy of the nation.

Give two examples of how merengue differs in the north and south of DR, and the implications of these differences in relation to identity and race.

In the north, merengue was composed by the oppressed minority communities as a mean of providing an alternative culture. Ideally, the North merengue reflects on dances that originated with the slaves who were chained together. The ideal reason for chaining the slaves together was to ensure they did not escape while cutting sugar to beat the drums (Austerlitz, 1997).

On the other hand, the meringue from the south was composed of a great hero who was injured in the leg during a revolution in the Dominican Republic. His countrymen welcomed him with a celebration, and out of sympathy, everyone was obliged to dance in a relaxed and one-foot drag approach (Austerlitz, 1997).

The implication between these two identifies discrimination and oppression. The merengue from the north was like a mockery to the Dominican Population; thus, the primary way of dealing with them was to ensure that they were slaves who were subjected to forced labor, poor living conditions, and lack of freedom.

According to Salome Urena, how was education for the girls after independence?

After DR independence, education among women was still dismal. Moreover, Salome Urema testifies in her real work that the role of women in the education realm had faded away, and it was them to ensure that their memories remained alive.

Give one example of how these conditions or issue were portrayed in the film watched in class: Haitians

Ideally, the Haitians well-being in the DR is a natural disaster since they were affected by political instability. The Haitians looked for employment opportunities in the DR, which were economically stable, and low-wage job opportunities were multiple (Alami, 2018). Moreover, the Haitians were subjected to abuses, deportations, harsh living conditions due to hiked prices. Also, natural forces claimed their lives; for example, the earthquake claimed the lives of 220,000 Haitians (Alami, 2018). Even after receiving funds, corruption and misguided governance prevented the economic improvement of the population.


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