Role of the Nutrition Manager Essay

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Date:  2022-06-19


The nutrition manager refers to a competent specialist in the area of nutrients and food intake with the aim of fostering healthy lifestyles.

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Regular daily tasks

Nutrition managers are actively involved in daily activities aimed at creating a better nutritional lifestyle. These regular tasks carried out by most of the nutrition managers entails but not limited to;

Ensuring the purchase of correct supplies is made. Either in service of an institution or an individual, the nutrition manager guides the acquisition of healthy or nutritional ingredients that are relevant to the respective diets set for the specific period. This task further entails traveling to the clients.

The manager also undertakes supervision services by doing follow-ups to determine if the actual nutritional plan being followed by the client is adequate and ideal in developing a healthy habit.

Reports and observations made in response to the progress of the individuals under the supervision of the manager are documented and reported either to the higher chain of command or the client themselves.

Regular non-daily tasks

Sensitization is a routine non-daily task. Sensitization, in this case, entails the provision of knowledge to the public and specific groups on the importance of observing the progress of the nutritional plan and its objectives.

The nutritional manager also once in a while observes the activities of other nutritionists, and Diatec's under him/her and provides guidance on the best practice.

Unscheduled tasks

As a nutritionist one may be forced to deal with issues not planned for or identified to be within the scope of their daily lives. Challenges such as food poisoning and allergy to a specific type of diet may need the immediate care of the nutritional manager without compromise as the situation is dire. Baltis, for example, is forced to attend to patients at Health Care Food Services despite not being a nurse.

The set nutrition plan and schedule for each client/patient are what guides the nutritional manager in determining the progress of the set diet changes realized. The criticality of the work is primarily based on the need of the respective client. If the diet is meant to be a counter for a specific illness or health issue, then maximum attention and dedication are required from both parties (dietitians and client). The schedule adheres keenly on both cases (case of Peter a Baltis) and flexibility minimized to create a pattern which repeated regularly creates a healthy lifestyle.

The main strategies used by the nutritionists entails strict adherence to the nutritional plan and Motivational interviewing. Mr. Baltis both of the strategies to guide the clients and patients in realizing their potential in sticking to a healthy diet plan and strictly following the Nutritional needs specified by the plan.


Nutritional managers are the qualified personnel responsible for the overall well-being of individuals through observing a healthy diet. Their role varies depending on the organization or umbrella they work under. However, seeing a healthy lifestyle remains the to be the primary objective. Mr. Baltis observes that the nutritional services offered at Health Care Food Services (FHS) do not only favor the specific number of individuals as their services are measured to prevent any forms of violation against one's religious beliefs. Understanding the programs of health and devising ways of improving it to manage bodily functions serves the communities, cooperates, consultancy, health facilities and most important private individuals.

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