Robots in the Food Industry Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-06

Improvements in a number of fields throughout the previous two decades have altered invention robots in the real world. Robots are categorized as industrial automation types of machinery. The high demands of enhanced productivity have made it necessary for robots to come into the industry. As of today, the robots in the food industry are part of a working crew in the industry. In the histories, the number of industrialized robots had increasing habits with the previous year's having a bigger sales number in its sales. In the food processing and packing industries, the previous exploit of the robots be only restricted to food casing and this was mostly the packaging of food tins, dairy and also chocolates (Khalid et al, 2017). Flex Picker robot was launched in the year 1998, and it was the best ever select and put automaton. There is the probable significance of coming with robots in the industry and they include; improved efficiency in operations, material movements are concentrated and reduced in development stages.

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The foodstuff built-up and dispensation industries have put into place cost reducing procedures for better volumes productivity as evaluated to conservative process. Although dependence on physical human labor is taken to be a standard method at the present, there is more inclination focused on robots installation. Additionally, the use of robots is vast. They are being used in a number of processes such as planting seeds, harvesting and cutting and packaging of food products. A good number of robots are utilized in meat dispensation as well as automated detection of excellence of the products ultimate quality in the field of the bakery (Mittal et al, 2018). Like in the beverages production, the bottles are washed, added up and prearranged on the conveyor belts mechanically through the robots installed in the industry.

There is increased productivity in the food industry. While comparing the work that is completed by human beings with the use of robots, there has been a significant rise which makes it true that robotic machines are better tools for working than human beings. However, the execution speed differs in all the sectors. As a matter of facts, the execution is dependent on a number of factors such as the point of computerization that is approved out, the amount of deployed robotic machines and variations in products due to changing demands of the customers. A good number of food processing and packaging companies needs variations of the products and they are supposed to continue in the processing line or hardware fiddling. A trend observed of late indicates that industrial investments in robotic automation are important to address challenges that lead to competition as this will protect business future and reduce the impact on environmental degradation (Mittal et al, 2018). Due to this, the concerned companies are identifying professional robotic solutions that are specific to the line of processing required. However how impactful the automated robotic system could be, there are challenges that face the technological advancement. Firstly, applying the notion of Cyber-Physical System in foodstuff industries could be a major challenge (Khalid et al, 2017). This is a research domain whose main aim is to make the supply chain in the food industry streamlined and it could be hard to achieve by a number of companies.


In summary, the current world innovations have cleared the air that the robotic domains have improved productivity when compared to the physical invention systems. There are highlights concerning food allocation segment has the largest prospective of research and major developments. A number of new thoughts are coming up on the facilitating technologies that are occupied.


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Mittal, G. S. (2018). Process controls in the food industry: Problems and solutions. In Computerized Control Systems in the Food Industry (pp. 1-11). Routledge.

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