RoamAbout Hotel: Crafting an Incident Response Plan for Potential Cybersecurity Incidents - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-03


Landsite evaluation application Procurement system Payment system Mistrust Intrusion into systems Penetrating exterior network defenses An incidence response plan is critical to any company or industry. The RoamAbout Hotel is no exclusion when it comes to strategizing on the best incident plan. The Hotel business is undergoing a crisis with the deemed incidents that have been named above being on the verge of occurrence. When problems occur in organizations, it is better to have a procedural plan that can be followed to avoid further deterioration of the problem (Voigt, Daughney, Samide & Skrei, 2019).

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The Incident Response Steps

Assembling the Team

The first step to be taken is to assemble the necessary team that can look at this matter keenly. Having the right people with the right skills necessitates fast solutions to problems. RoamAbout is undergoing a severe problem that cannot be solved by a person, and thus having a team can work best.

Detect and Ascertain the Origin

Once the team has been assembled, it will be able to detect and realize all the potential incidents that are affecting the company operations. For instance, having a team at RoamABout hotels will be able to identify where the problems like the procurement and payment systems are coming from, and it will be easy to tackle.

Contain and Recover

After identification of the incident and where it is arising from, the team of experts then will discuss the best way possible that this problem can be contained, and the discrepancies already happened recovered.

Assess Severity of Damage

After the incident has been contained and recovered, then the team of experts with appropriate skills should assess the damage that the incidence has already caused as well as how severe it has affected the hotel. For instance, the team of experts will look at how the land evaluation application has impacted on RoamAbout Hotels.

Beginning the Notification Process

After the severity has been assessed, the team should embark on notifying the others and those that are in the relevant positions over what the incidence has been and how it has affected the company.

Preventing the Same Incident in the Future

Once the Incident has been identified and proper assessment is done, then the team should plan on the long-term plan to ensure that it does not happen again. For instance, the incidences that have taken place at RoamABout Hotels ca be prevented in the future not to happen again by formulating a long-term plan outlining the incidents and the possible mitigation strategies.


Voigt, L., Daughney, T., Samide, J., & Skrei, A. (2019). 6 Incident Response Steps to Take After a Security Event. Retrieved 20 November 2019, from

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