Rights of an Engineer Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-08

Engineers just like other employers have a right to live a free life, doing their activities without any disruption or intimidation (Bourn, 2018). They also have a right to deny racial as well as sexual discrimination. On the other, they also have a right of working, within the hours that are stipulated within the day, any extra minute they work in a day it should be paid for, besides that they also have a right of receiving the rightful salary and in the right time. Like any other employer, the engineers also have a right to take part in political issues; this means that they can choose or vote for any leader that they want or they can contest for any position in the society as well. However, besides these universal rights, the engineers also have professional rights which include; the right of expert credit, the right of conscientious denial as well as the right of expert integrity.

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Engineers also are supposed to respect other people's rights. These rights include; the right to privacy, this is a right that permits someone to lead a private life, while he or she is within the working premises of the engineers or not. Therefore engineers should ensure that they don't deny other subordinate staff or people in their vicinity the right to their private lives. This right gives one a right of using and accessing information that belongs to him or her without any objection. Despite that fact that these other people may not be engineers they also have a right of equal opportunities just like the engineers, this, therefore, means that the engineers should not discriminate them in any way. This means that engineers are not supposed to demean others based on their race, sex, religion or even physical outlook.

The engineers are supposed to follow their rights to the letter, by doing so they will be able to enjoy various rights like; good working conditions, this implies that they will be paid the right amount of salary and at the right time (Luegenbiehl and Clancy, 2017). On the other hand, if the engineers follow their rights to the letter, they will also respect the rights of the other people who are not engineers like the right of accessing information, the right of speech and they will not discriminate them. The central importance of engineers following their rights to the letter is that they will be in a position to know when their rights are violated and the right channel to follow in resolving without causing in any crisis.


The rights of engineers that Is the professional rights as well as the universal rights should not have any limit; this, therefore, means that they should be observed all the time (Mitcham and Nan, 2015). Because, if we say that they should be kept to some degree or some time only it will, therefore, means that the rights of engineers and other people will be violated at some time and nothing will be done just because, the law permits the observation of the rights to some extent only. On the other hand observation of the rights, all the time will also ensure that engineers have also respected other people's rights. This will ensure that there is smooth coexistence between the employers, employees as well as the subordinate staff in the engineering sector and the public at large.


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