Research Paper on Recruiting and Staffing: Strategies for Amazon

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Date:  2023-03-20


The steps of recruiting and staffing refer to the process by which an organization finds employees. Employee recruitment in different times and situations in a company; however, in most cases, it happens when a business is starting. For an organization like Amazon, which has been in the market for a very long time; therefore, recruitment and staffing plan requires a considerate strategy to ensure better performance and efficiency at the workplace. This paper major on the recruitment and staffing plan for customer service managers for Amazon, which is a step to expand and ensure better customer service services for the company. It is, therefore, essential for the company to consider recruiting a qualified and more experienced person to work in this position as the company deals with customer-oriented strategies to run day-to-day business activities. Amazon requires to hire 7000 workers for the new position; the process, therefore, involves critical steps and to ensure success and meet the requirements and the expectation of the company concerning the position of the customer service manager (Isidore, 2013). This paper, therefore, describes the recruitment and staffing plan for Amazon concerning the position of customer service manager.

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Legal Landscape

To start a recruitment and staffing process, it is essential to consider certain legal elements in order to reduce the risk involved. Some stopes that are involved in this process, such as job posting, checking references, making job offers, and interview questions, need to conduct in a manner that meets the legal standards. It is, therefore, important for Amazon to establish a good understanding of the law; for instance, asking discriminatory questions during an interview is unlawful. Furthermore, according to the law, the process of recruitment and hiring of staff should not be biased and must adhere to human rights (Razimi et al. 2017). The law highly prohibits discrimination through race, age, sex, religion, or physical disability.

Recruiting Plan for Customer Service Manager

Human resource management considers the recruitment of employees as a process of finding the prospective staff members and hiring them according to their qualifications, the position in question. This process is, therefore cost-effective and timely. The process of recruitment starts with the identification of the job the position concerning the qualifying required. Systematic recruitment of staff members is therefore, vital as it ensures effective alignment of skills of an individual candidate and the goals of an organization. It also ensures proper compliance with the laws and policies. It can also minimize the time involved in finding, interviewing, and training and hiring the staff. More importantly, the recruitment process presents the company's positive image to the stakeholders.

Tools for Finding Candidates

1. Job Position Analysis

Building a job description will help to know exactly what customer service manager needs. This tool is useful for the human resource manager and other members of the executive to identify where new staff members are required to do. Amazon must, therefore, engage job analysis for the customer service managers, including personality, communication skills, ability to solve customer-related problems, leadership skills, flexibility, and what they value most at work. With this tool, the hiring manager can quickly identify the qualified staff member for the job.

2. Sourcing of The Talent

Talent is the most crucial thing in any job position; for this case, therefore, talent plays a vital role as the customer service manager serves to reflect on what the customers require, expect or think about the company. This tool, therefore, is used to help an organization identify the potential candidate based on know the audience for the job vacancy advertisement. Various methods can be used to facilitate the effectiveness of this tool; they include networking, posting, print, and digital media advertising, and using the company's reputation. This is important as it involves the core requirement of a staff member; a talented employee tends to be more productive.

3. Online Screening of the Candidates

This tool makes up the most critical stage of the recruitment process. It helps the hiring manager to identify the skills of the applicants as well as their personalities that are going to be evaluated whether they can fit the customer service management. This involves preliminary screening, initial interview, assessment of previous recruitment tests, final interview, and selection of the employees. To minimize time consumption, technology can be sued to facilitate screening through online platforms; this is because the company intends to hire many employees at a time (Bouton, 2015).

Selection Plan for Customer service Manger

Selection is the final stage of recruitment of staff members, and it involves vetting, which comprises a review, interviews, conducting a meeting with the candidates, and comparing the qualities of each of the applicants to select the best. Since Amazon intends to hire many employees for this position, selection must be limited to the level of experience in the sorting process and minimize time consumption. This process is referred to as staffing as it involves the hiring of suitable employees for a given job position. Evaluating the qualities is the critical point of consideration in this process, the results should be a selection of the eligible candidates to be employed as full-time customer service managers in the organization. Vetting is used as the assessment method because it is a more accurate and realistic ibn selection process.

Types of Interviews

T, since the company intends to hire many staff members, the interviewing methods will be based on time efficiency (Bouton, 2015). Therefore the following methods will be used:

Group interviewing- this method allows the hiring manager to gather detailed information about the applicants in a short time, and this method is advantageous because the company intends to hire much staff. It is quick. It covers a more comprehensive range of qualities.

Video interviewing- this method is applicable in this case because it is faster, and as the people involved have limited time. It is cost-effective and quicker.

Telephone interviewing- this method is involving the use of a telephone to conduct the interview, and this is applicable in this situation as it takes a short time, efficient and cost-effective.


Recruitment and staffing is an essential process in process for in an organization, to ensure excellent performance and positive outcomes, it is crucial to consider cosdivting this process. Amazon, therefore, must utilize this recruitment plan to ensure its effectiveness and staffing of qualified customer service managers. The need for recruitment and staffing plan for amazon to hire many employees and at a time is essential as it is time-efficient, and it is associated with positive outcomes.


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