Retail Store Manager: Responsibilities & Duties - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-25


Being a retail store manager is being a responsible person in every aspect that happens in the retail shop. Retail shops have outlets, including stocks, sales, and resources that require management. As a manager, some roles are constant. Some include keeping eye contact with the customers and the working staff. Managers have the responsibility of making sure that each customer receives the best services from the staff. Also, he monitors the financial performance of the store. Retail managers are skillful in information technology, team working skills, have confidence as well as good in verbal communication and organizational skills. As an intern at Walmart retail store, I had different responsibilities and duties. Also, there are some of the challenges and engagement I experienced.

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Some of the responsibilities include making sure that all associates have received training on necessary procedures. The primary duty was to organize training for associates and ensuring that they are carried out in current processes. Also, another task was solving customer's complaints. This was the manager's duty to deal with customers who complained about products or the services offered to them. Besides, it was my duty to conduct interviews and ensuring that staff meets their demands.

Another purpose was to make sure that a conducive and positive environment was available. This was attained by making sure I lead as an example by giving my employees a quiet time and respecting them. Lastly, it was my responsibility to meet performance goals and growing the department sales. It was an essential responsibility since all departments in the store were to achieve their targeted goals. The position required being committed and being flexible for the success of the department.

Retail stores keep changing constantly, and always there are new challenges faced since it is a competitive industry. Some of the difficulties experienced during the internship program include keeping up with customers ' changing expectations. Customers taste keeps changing quicker than expected. As a manager, it was a challenge to keep up with the new trends in the market. Another problem was maintaining the customer's loyalty. It was a challenge in retaining the existing customer brand loyalty. It was not an easy task to keep in contact with the customers. It was hard to maintain business growth.

There is also a challenge in managing internal communication. It is a challenge that is significantly faced by retail companies which are large scales with multiple divisions. Retail stores have complex management of communication and operations. In return, the managers should look for systems that can streamline communications internally. Retaining staff was also a challenge as a manager. This is because replacing employees is cost-effective and requires energy. Lastly, lacking the best technology in the industry of solving problems. In conclusion, there were different engagement responsibilities that I had as a manager. Some of the activities I engaged in are, assisting customers on how to use our services throughout their projects. There was a relationship built between customers because they had to be taught how to use our services. Also, I engaged in the client's problems solving and managing contracts aspects. Another engagement I experienced was to make sure all contracts were carried out on the agreed terms and conditions. It was a great time and experience gained in attaining my MBA degree. At least, I came to know the responsibilities of a retail store manager. However, some tasks were challenging; they did not stop me from gaining experience.

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