Essay Example on FORD's Transformation: Crafting a New Vision.

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The leadership of a company is a task that requires dedication and enthusiasm. It requires skill in developing ways in which the company can prosper each day and thrive in the competitive world Market. In this paper, I assume that I am the appointed transformational leader at FORD Company and develop a new vision statement that focuses on shaping the future of the company. The original vision will focus on leadership, management of teamwork, resolution of conflicts, and foster professionalism, collaboration, and innovation.

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Ford is a motor company that has excelled in the global markets as an automobile. It has operated from the suburb of Detroit and has sold millions of vehicles, both commercials and luxury under the brand name. There are several ways in which the sales can be improved both in the main headquarter and the sales point. The company has done a lot over the past years, but the new vision statement reflects the changing time and the needs of the modern market.

The new vision statement focuses on collaboration. There is a need for a culture of collaboration. Partnership with other brand makers such as GM, Suzuki, Daimler, and even BMW on matters concerning market navigation and innovation. Working, for instance, with general Motors would increase a chance of accessing broader markets because of their credibility in dealing with genuine spare parts of vehicles. According to the market watch, Ford made two .3 million sales in the USA, an estimated 14.13% shares in the nation capital(Mackdonald,2017). This sale is a contribution to several aspects, such as marketing and collaborating with other firms. The importance of collaboration is diverse; it allows a collective provision of value by pooling of strengths and the talents of a workforce. By collaborating with top game-changers in the market, the company is in a position to utilize the skill each contributor has. Another critical advantage of collaboration is the development of each employee. Collaboration narrows down to the employee's talents and brings them to a spotlight that enables them to achieve recognition. It is beneficial for both employees as well as a company since the interaction and sharing of ideas make the company prosper. Collaboration speeds up the process of getting solutions to significant problems. Challenges such as marketing and transportation can take months to be resolved if handled single-handedly. With efforts from every member in the collaborative circle, the process takes only a few weeks. Finally, the collaboration will enable FORD to increase its efficiency in the field of service delivery. It will meet deadlines, handle the work professionally, and explore new markets quickly.

The new vision statement identifies the presence of conflicts in any company. Ford is not exceptional, and ways of dealing with disputes that arise from the management and running of the company should be thoroughly addressed. Any functional conflict is crucial for the growth of FORD. It clears the misconceptions about some issues, and it promotes the freedom of thinking and expression and decision-making (Berkovitch, 2019). However, a dysfunctional conflict in an organization leads to the absence of peace in the working environment and hinders progressiveness. An example of such disputes is fuelled by selfish interests and results in confrontations. There is the importance of resolving conflicts that arise in an organization. The first benefit is the building of stronger relationships. The workers at both management and strategic positions are empowered to work better when they co-exist in harmony with each other. The productivity of the company depends on the state of the working environments created. The capacity to solve conflicts improves the work environments making the profits bigger. Conflict resolutions reduce disruptions at work.

In the 21st century, the world has changed rapidly and has embraced technology in several fields of innovation. As a motor company, the need to adapt to changes that come with technological advancement is needed so that FORD can beat the high competition in the market. With technology, the company will successfully implement the needs of the united nation and the environmental agencies to produce environmentally friendly products. Ford will use modern technology to build cars to consume less fuel and breaks the byproduct of a less harmful end product (Broggi.etal, 2016). Technology advancement and usage in our company will help in the field of communication. Communication can be in the marketing sector of the company, where customers would need all the details required before a sale. The company must have an uninterrupted connection with the client. The effectiveness in communication translates into expansion in the market. Technology will allow us to monitor the cash flow and utilize the time resource. As executives, we can easily hold our meetings over an internet platform and save on time hence efficiency. It will enable our company function and progress with high professionalism and nurture the class relation. It removes the social tension by eliminating the issue of background difference. It creates a team dynamic where there is less tension and mistrust and fear. The growth of our company attracts several stakeholders. It should not be ignored that the business exists in a society with crime networks, made of violent robbers and online fraudsters. Technology advancement in our company will secure the financial data, strategic plans, and critical managerial documents from access by wrong persons. Encryptions and passwords need a constant upgrade because there are emerging technologies that can out-smart the previous. Technological advancement in our company will boost the capacity to research and explore new opportunities. Our company will travel virtually and explore new markets

For the company to prosper there is a need to manage work teams appropriately. The new vision of the company would be to manage the working group so that it can work together synergistically. The excellent teamwork would help the company to realize its desired success through the productivity of the employees who have morale due to exceptional team relationships and management. It would be essential for Ford to provide superior management of the work teams. The vision will realize through various strategies that form the basis of the new vision. For a good team bonding, the company will encourage informal social events at least once in a while. The event will support all teams of workers in the company to interact freely regardless of hierarchy in the company. The interaction will involve fun, drinks, food. The informal social event will create friendship and boost the morale of the teams. Through association between the employees and all the organizations involved in the company, the company can achieve its new vision of managing a work team. The unique concept of teamwork shall seek to clarify the roles and responsibilities of every individual in the group. The clarifying of the part of members in the company will reduce the ambiguity of duties, which might lead to neglect of responsibility that cannot be accounted for by anyone. To enhance clarification, the roles of every worker will be documented so that people can refer to them whenever there is a rise in different opinions concerning the responsibility in the company. Through clarifying the roles of employers, the company will no longer have confusion in the company, which helps in the realization of strong teamwork for the benefit of the workforce and, eventually, the success of the company. All the employees of the company should be informed all the time with the long term goals of the company (Brock.etal, 2017). The management of the various teams of the company will work towards the achievement of the specific goals of the company. New employees to the company should be clear to the particular aims of the company so that they can work together with other employees toward achieving the goals. Clear goals enhance secure communication in the company, which an essential tool for creating teamwork.

The success of the Ford Company will be significantly determined by leadership and management. As a new CEO, it is essential to realize the need to integrate leadership in the company as the original vision. The company will have to combine managerial competencies in direction. The administration of the company has to be transformed and use different techniques, skills to analyses the various activities. It assimilates different approaches, which will provide room for better alternatives and decisions. The kind of leadership should be both production and people-oriented. Management of people will always be

Before the previous vision of smart vehicles for a bright world. As the CEO, it is essential to understand the impact on the environment from the company's production. The company's new vision is to integrate environmental issues in its programs. The company will find a way of reducing the negative impacts brought by the production process of the company. Motor companies have been accused of irresponsibility in conserving the environment. It is with a vision that the issue of environmental pollution by motor vehicle companies can be achieved. Ford Company will include measures to control damage to the environment in its mission and become the first company to prioritize on conservation of the situation. Every company desires to satisfy and attract more customers (Weaver.etal,2017). Customer satisfaction involves quality products and excellent services. The new vision of ford motor company would be to improve customer services. The services will be enhanced by listening to what the customers need. The company will create a platform where customers and potential openly discuss the general services offered by our company. We would allow them to express their level of satisfaction; we would also want to know from them if and how we can improve our services in the interest of their needs. The vision will help the company provide the best customer services ever and win their trust. The trust will help retain customers and recommend more for us.

Ford Company is one of the top motor companies. However, other companies are offering stiff competition. To remain in the top, the company needs to include fostering sports as part of its vision. Worldwide scale and trust were one of the companies' previous concepts. Due to rising competitions, the last idea needs to be reinforced with the creation of more competitive environments. Apart from working towards winning the trust of the customers and winning the worldwide scale, the company will offer fair competition through advancements in its motor products; the company also should diversify in its production and manufacture motors that suit other functions rather than majoring to one model. Diversification will foster a competitive environment in the company's products and help to remain as one of the best motor companies.


In conclusion, Ford will tackle all the challenges that it faces currently with the help of a sound vision, which considers the innovation in line with the environmental concerns and appreciation of the fact that it should change and adapt to the fast-changing technology. The new vision aims at fostering professionalism by addressing common problems that can arise from conflicts to creating teams and extend the collaboration.

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