Researching Terrorist Organizations: Causes, Impacts & Solutions - Essay Sample

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The research work will purposely focus on answering specific research questions through which a solution to the research problem will be found. At the end of the research work, the study findings will be capable of answering the below questions:

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  • What are the terrorists' organizations?
  • What specifically aids the existence of terrorists' organizations in the world?
  • What is the impact of the terrorist organization on international security?
  • How can the International Security clear the existence of terrorists' organizations around the world?

The Relevance of Research Questions

My formulated research questions will form the initial step in my research project; hence it will be an inquiry into a specific concern of this study. The research questions will further form the groundwork on which the entire research work will be based on later through which I will be in a position to avoid suffering from design errors that will be more difficult to correct throughout the research. In summary, my research questions will be essential in guiding my research paper, where they pinpoint exactly what I want to find out and gives my work a clear focus and purpose.

Research Methodology

During my research work, I will employ various specific techniques that will enable me to collect data effectively, assemble and evaluate it. Concerning this, some tools of study will be incorporated in the collection of data in the field and any other relevant information that will ensure the study meets its purposes.

This research study will encompass the use of both primary and secondary data. The primary data consist of personal observation, use of questionnaires and interviews while secondary data will involve the use of records from various published documents. Research work will be specifically carried out in the United States of America. The selection was based on this country because it has many International Security Agencies hence it will be easier to reach our respondents. The town has a good infrastructure that will make the work of the researcher to be easier, for example traveling from one place to another and availability of open WI-FI. The target population for the research work will be security agencies officers who will provide relevant feedback for the research questions.

The Break-Down of the Main Research Question

My main research is analyzing and discussing the impact of terrorists' organizations on international security. My study will further split this research question into sub-headings through which there will be a detailed discussion on the causes and impact of terrorists' organizations on international security. The research body will also have sub-headings that will give findings of the research, recommendations and lastly a detailed conclusion that will summarize all the places discussed and give a summary of whether the study met its objectives.

Brief Literature Review and Intended Database Sources for the Study

Literature reviews will be essential in highlighting and pointing at previous studies that attempted to address the issue of terrorist organization as a threat to the international security. In that light, the research will review about fifteen credible resources to address the security challenge of terrorism on a global perspective. Abadie (2006) will highlight how the roots of terrorism are deeply linked with both poverty and the agitations for political freedom. De la Calle (2012) will address the adverse consequences of terrorists killing civilians to capture territories. Barnes & Oluruntoba (2005) will present how terrorist threats undermine the international maritime trade, something that directly suppresses the global economy. Generally, the study will interrogate the many factors and impacts of the global security threats and instability suffered from terrorist organizations.


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