Research Paper on Valley Stream: A Quiet Commuter Suburb of NYC

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Valley stream is a commuter belt of New York City. The suburb's population is roughly 38,000, and it has not changed for the last five years, for example, in 2014-to-2018, it registered a range of 37,599-to-37,523 (United States Census Bureau, n.d). Moreover, Valley Stream is located in Nassau County and is in one of the serene locations of New York. Nonetheless, the residents in this region own their homes, as well as there, are lots of self-owned businesses such as bars, restaurants, cafeterias as well as public and private parks (American Community Survey, 2017). Having stated that, the paper's main objective is to produce a productive description of the Valley Stream in Nassau Community, New York, and United States of America.

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According to the American Community Survey, in 2010 census the total population of Valley Stream, New York was 37,511. Moreover, the same organization established a forecast for the same region, and it reflected 27,843 in 2017; therefore, developing a dismal increase in the population in 7 years. Moreover, the ACS statistical presentation established that the median age of the community was 40.8. Also, the town was more urban than rural; therefore, promoting the establishment of 4,014 companies in 2012. Nonetheless, the population is comprised of a community that 90.8 percent of them are educationally trained, specifically, in high school and above. Back to back, the region registered a total of 12,570 housing units between 2013 and 2017.

Nonetheless, only 4.4 percent of the population recorded below poverty levels. The area is also known for its cultural diversity; for example, the whites (16,838), African-Americans (9,494), Asians (5,670), and Hispanics (9,537). Also, there are a total of 1,375 veterans living in the area. Also, the median household income is roughly $98,231. Also, the community's major employers are the Merchant Bankcard, TechsonDuty, J&D Constructions, New York Business Funding Inc. and Aladdin's Vac-O-Rama Inc., among others. Additionally, the most common industries in 2016 census were transport and warehousing (12%), retail trade (11%), health care and social assistance (10%), construction (9%), educational services (8%), public administration (8%) and manufacturing (7%).

Health Issues and Outcome

According to a statistical analysis conducted by, the health, and nutrition sector, only 52.1 percent of the population lives a healthy life while the remaining population is not. Besides, the data reflected that the Body Mass Index was 28.5, which means that most of the communities are overweight since the index indicates that obese people weigh 25 to 29.9 BMI; therefore, the statistical information state that 34.3% of the entire populations are overweight (Kahsay et al., 2018). In other terms, there are higher chances that obesity, which is also highly related to high blood pressure, is the leading cause of deaths in the region. Moreover, the rates of depression, anxiety, and stress are dismal since only 19.3 percent are feeling bad about themselves (, 2019).

Majorly, the area is composed of all age sets, for example, the young, youth and the elderly. With the fact that the community is exposed to poor eating habits, they fall risks of getting exposed to chronic diseases. It is indicated according to the Northwell Health Sector; specifically, the Division of Wound Care at Long Island Jewish Valley Stream, there are facts that the community experiences diabetic wounds, venous wounds, arterial and lymphatic wounds, pressure ulcers, sickle-cell wounds, and traumatic injury wounds. Also, due to the numerous environmental risk factors, for example, poor sanitation, air pollution, and unclean and unsafe water to drink the entire community are at risk.

Hypothesis on Hypertensive Pregnant Women as the Vulnerable Gender

According to Roberts et al. (2011), hypertension complicates up to 10% of all pregnancies. Nevertheless, according to the statistical data provided by the ACS, the birth rates at Valley Stream over five years are dismal; therefore, it assumed that one of the main reasons is hypertension-induced pregnancies. Nonetheless, with a BMI of 28.5%, high drinking percentage, and top marriage rates, the only barrier for high birth rates is hypertension-induced pregnancies (Brown and Garovic, 2011).

Risk Factors

Valley Stream is a community recognized for its serenity in the surroundings and excellent infrastructure, but it faces several environmental issues. First, Valley stream faces challenges on providing clean drinking water to the population. Since the region depends on underground aquifers, the water is vulnerable to gasoline or chemical spills. Also, the community experiences air pollution. The quality of air in the surrounding has improved, but there are presences of smog and soot, which exceeds the health procedures. Moreover, the smog is caused by the local automobiles. Also, the community faces coastal pollution since the sewage systems drain the water into the water sources. Next, the region faces environmental risks, which in return are a threat to the health of the community. Some of the disasters are hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, and heavy rain. These, in turn, affect health by exposing them to a tropical depression and water shortage (, 2019).

Assets and Resources

According to the, Valley Stream has numerous hospitals within its surrounding, for example, Mercy Medical Center, South Nassau Community Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center, among others. These hospitals can assist with the treatment of pregnancy-induced pregnancy only after they research and identify the issue as life-threatening. Moreover, the community has nursing homes, for example, Orzac Center for the Extended Care and Rehabilitation and The Bristal at Lynbrook, which is a mile away for Valley but serves the community for the elderly who suffer from obesity and hypertension. Nonetheless, the community health sector established the Valley Stream Clinic to assist veterans. Also, there is a Health Plan of New York Therapists located in Valley Stream (Point2point Homes Community, 2019).

Additionally, the LIJ Valley Stream promotes Community Benefits Program, which assists patients and the community at extensive access to healthcare services and caring for those that are medically underserved, promote health education, and community health awareness. Also, Valley Stream has a sanitation program that is managed by the Department of Sanitation with its headquarters 175 Arlington Ave. The responsibility of the department covers construction materials, hazardous waste, special bulk pickups, curbside collection, landscapers, and E-waste recycling (, n.d).

Recommendations and Evaluation

According to Hofmeyr et al. (2018), the best preventive measures that can be recommended are the supplement of calcium during pregnancies. The Valley Stream women have low or inadequate dietary calcium intake since the eating habit of the town is not up to the nutrition standards. Also, the supplements need to be taken as per the practitioners' prescription since dietary calcium may cause other aetiological factors (Zamel, 2001).


Valley Stream is a suburb that has roughly 38,000 occupants, it has low birth rates, and the dominant age set is the youths. The community has poor eating habits that expose pregnant women and the elderly to hypertension and obesity. Pregnant women might be exposed to hypertensive-induced pregnancy. Moreover, the region has hospitals as well as veteran clinics to assist treat or address the issue. Finally, supplementing calcium under the guide of the practitioners can assist in combat the issue.


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