Essay Example on Leadership in Nursing: Benefits of Leadership Learning Experience (LLE)

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Leadership in nursing is essential as it improves the quality of patient care in health care facilities. Moreover, having excellent leadership skills helps leaders to guide the team and ensure that organizational and individual goals are attained. Thus, Leadership Learning Experience (LLE) is vital in nursing since it helps nurses to develop their leadership skills. Various issues that require a clinical focus have been experienced in the modern world. Remarkably, it is clear that the menace of obesity is on the increase. Obesity is a disease that involves the body accumulating excess fat, and nurses can ensure that they educate people about the disease. Therefore, as a leader in my health care institution, I can ensure that I work with the stakeholders and address new ways to help obese patients and also limit cases of obesity in the region.

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Investigation of the Problem

Obesity in adults has become a significant issue in many countries. In most cases, obesity makes people have a lot of problems that are not easy to tackle. Besides, obesity develops gradually in a person; thus, it can be dealt with at an early stage. The investigation has been conducted using online surveys, whereby various hospitals have presented their information about cases of obesity. Current data from credible sources were also used to provide data about cases of obese adults in various regions. Lack of adequate knowledge about obesity is one of the major determinants of obesity in the region. The investigative process involved interviewing patients, whereby most of them lacked knowledge about the disease. As a leader, there are various ways of educating nurses and the team that can be implemented to ensure that the issue of obesity and its prevention. Furthermore, it is indispensable to find methods whereby individuals can deal with stress so that they can achieve what they deem necessary. Health practitioners have discovered that obesity is greatly influenced by people's upbringing (Banerjee & Ho, 2019). Mainly, this is influenced by the parenting that one has experienced. For instance, individuals who lacked parental control at a young age mostly become obese as children, which has not been easy to solve.

The issue of obesity has been influenced by various factors. For instance, many people who work for long hours are mainly at a higher risk of contracting the disease, whereby; it is primarily attributed to the fact that they dine late and have their food delivered (Banerjee & Ho, 2019). Additionally, they have no time to cook; therefore, they do not get to eat healthy foods. The stress of working long hours also contributes to one becoming obese. The investigation showed that the level of recreational activities is also a determinant of obesity. Naturally, most outdoor recreational activities reduce fat in the body (Banerjee & Ho, 2019). However, due to the advancement of technology, individuals have resulted in indoor recreational activities such as watching football and films on TV.

Technology has affected people such that they have started getting addicted to recreational activities that are harmful to their bodies and do not exercise anymore. The consumption of foods with a lot of fat is also a significant issue that makes people obese since the body gets unnecessary fat (Ghosh & Bouchard, 2017). The human body takes time to eradicate the problem of obesity since people keep on consuming more junk food (Butland et al. 2017). Also, many people from a young age do not feed on healthy foodstuffs, whereby they start becoming fat at a very young age.

Many health care systems are straining from people suffering from this issue as it has become hard to eradicate. Therefore, leaders can develop new ways that can be used to ensure people learn about parental control and how it influences obesity. For instance, leaders can ensure that they educate patients about methods that can limit the issue of being obese. The issue is applicable in the area of leadership in nursing since leaders can play a significant role in limiting cases of obesity in the region. Moreover, leaders can educate nurses on how to offer quality patient care to patients with obesity.

Current statistics show that obesity has increased in the modern world. For instance, more than half of the population in the world is overweight (Blüher, 2019). Moreover, almost a quarter of the children around the world are obese (Blüher, 2019). Being overweight has also led to more deaths of people compared to underweight.

Cost-benefit analysis is also essential when introducing new strategies. Therefore, a cost-benefit analysis revealed that the plan would be vital as it will ensure that many people improve their health and avoid being obese. Besides, the proposal does not involve many processes since training, educating patients and nurses, and focusing on a healthy diet are the major issues.

Areas That Might be contributing to the Increment of Obesity in Adults

Various areas might be contributing to the issue of increased obesity in the modern world. For instance, many people lack adequate knowledge about healthy eating and how it can limit the chances of developing obesity (Dobbs & Manyika, 2015). Therefore, as a leader, it is essential to focus on educating people about a healthy diet. Also, stress has been a significant issue that leads to obesity. Thus, leaders can inform patients about the need to limit their stress by engaging in activities such as games and exercises that can minimize stress.

Proposed Solution

One of the solutions that can be exercised is to ensure that the organization educates patients with obesity on how to improve their health. For instance, regular exercises can be encouraged. Also, as a leader, influencing the nurses to ensure that they create awareness of healthy eating can be a solution to the issue of obesity. Leaders should also be at the forefront, motivating the team on how to manage a disease (Weiss et al., 2019). Another solution can involve parental control, whereby parents can be encouraged to focus on the diet of their children to limit their chances of becoming obese.

Based on the results of the analysis, the proposed solutions can be of great significance since they can limit the chances of developing the disease. For instance, many people can learn about healthy eating since it is one of the ways that can be used to limit obesity. Also, the issue of leaders influencing nurses to educate patients can be of great significance since the study revealed that many patients do not have adequate knowledge on how to manage their condition.

Timeline for Implementation

The implementation of the proposal will be effected after the facility has the necessary resources that can help to manage the disease. For instance the training kits will be needed to demonstrate body exercises that can help in preventing obesity Nurses will also be trained on how to offer quality patient care to patients. Patients will also be educated on how to manage the disease and records of patient outcome will be compared to records of patient outcome before the plan.

Importance of Each Key Stakeholder

Each key stakeholder will have an essential role in making the project successful. For instance, patient cooperation will primarily help in making the project successful. Patients will also be required to ensure that they focus on their diet since it contributes to obesity. Nurses will also be of great significance in the implementation of the project since they will play a significant role in educating the patients about the condition. Managers will also be involved, whereby they will be encouraged to provide resources that are needed to ensure that the proposed activities are conducted successfully. Gym instructors and body fitness personnel will also be involved to help patients in reducing their weight. Nutritionists will also play a significant role in the plan as they will educate patients about foods that can limit obesity in adults.

Working with the stakeholders will also help in the development of the project. Thus, it will be essential to lead the nurses on ways that they can practice to ensure that they improve their skills and ensure that they offer quality patient care. The feedback received from the patients revealed that they lack adequate knowledge of ways of preventing the development of obesity. The input of the nurses also showed that many patients do not focus on healthy eating. Therefore, nutritionists will also help nurses to learn about healthy eating, whereby the nurses will ensure that all patients eat healthy foods. Body fitness entails various body exercises. Thus, the nurses will work together with body fitness and gym instructors to help the patients in reducing their weight. The cooperation of all stakeholders will primarily help in helping obese adult patients.

Evaluating the Success of Proposed Solution

The implementation of the proposed solution will entail focusing mainly on a diet and minimizing stress in patients. The application will also involve introducing an awareness of the disease and ways that can be exercised to reduce cases of obesity. Evaluation of the proposed solution will also be essential. In this case, the total number of patients with obesity before and after the proposed solution will be compared to determine whether there are changes. Patients who have received services will also be monitored to determine their progress regarding their weight.

How the Project fulfilled the Various Roles

The role of a nurse as a scientist was fulfilled since scientific evidence was used to show how obesity in adults has become a significant issue in the modern world. Scientific research was also used during the study to determine how many adults are obese. Correspondingly, a nurse as a detective involved leading the nurses on how they can limit obesity in adults and ways of managing patients with the condition. Besides, the plan involves investigating various issues that have led to increased obesity in adults using the online survey and scholarly articles. The role of the manager of the healing environment was also fulfilled since the proposal involved focusing on ways that patients can ensure they consume healthy foods and also limit stress. Moreover, the plan also involved improving the health of people as it helps in developing the community and the environment. Besides, many obese adults cannot engage in some tedious practices involving conservation of the environment.


To sum up, leaders in health care can exercise ways of improving patient care in the facilities. In this case, the proposal of educating nurses on ways of improving the health of patients with obesity can be of great significance. Educating patients about a disease is also essential as it helps them to focus on ways of managing the condition. Thus, leaders should encourage nurses to educate patients about their conditions and how they can limit having further complications. In essence, leaders in health care should ensure that they exercise excellent eldership skills that can enhance quality patient care.


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