Research Paper on Psychological Stages of Human Development

Paper Type:  Research paper
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  500 Words
Date:  2022-11-04


The essay is an analysis of the different psychological stages of human development. It is an understanding of the steps and the various changes that are involved in the daily growth of the human aspect as they transform into growth. The research was carried out to find out the different psychological stages that the human body undergoes right from childhood to adulthood and later to the stage of aging until death. The research was carried out among different mothers around, and also questionnaires were issued to kids between the age of 18 years and 26 years of age. One on one discussion with the mothers gave in a lot of information that was relatable to the psychological view of human development.

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There was a candid discussion with the aging society who were more than willing to contribute to the research topic. There was so much new developing that came out, and this made the research process all fruitful. The research process was all a success in that we find out the different psychological stages of human development. The various observable growth and changes that are experienced when the body grows and changes. The different stages and steps towards human development are all discussed below.


Human development is one of the most complex areas of human aspects to understand. The human nature experiences a lot of events that arise step from when the child is born towards their growth as adulthood to when they age. There are a lot of noticeable changes that are psychologically attributed. The psychological changes in growth, speech, behavior and regular physical changes are all part of the study. The childhood in a baby, for instance, is one area that has a significant impact on a child's growth in the following stages. Adolescent again sets as the most challenging and the city that psychological aspects sets. The scene includes various observable changes such as the boys breaking off their voices.

Psychology attests that peer influences come as one of the significant factors that influence the changes in this stage. Adulthood thus sets in as the other part of the psychological aspects where certain aspects of the human development are experienced altogether. The paper will give a detailed report on the steps and the phases of human evolution. The research will, therefore, highlight in depth the various psychological aspects of human development and the areas that are involved in human growth.


Majorly the research was done by reviewing some of the literary articles that have been done before to help in the research paper. Interviews and questionnaires were also used as part of the methodologies applied in the study. Directly engaging discuss were also involved in the research process especially with the mothers who were more than willing to provide the necessary information that was much needed to make the research process complete. The whole process was all a success, and the various findings that came out given the psychological aspects of human development are discussed below...

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