Why I Am Interested in Being a Physician Assistant Essay

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Date:  2022-07-05

While growing up, my youngest brother has always been my motivation to pursue my career in life. He had been diagnosed with autism, bipolar, intellectual disability, speech impairment and Keratoconus, a situation that changed my entire family and me. As I grew older, I began to get involved with all of my brother's doctors and appointments. Even until this day, I visit each one of them. The saying, "you are never given anything that you cannot handle," has been a motivation throughout my experience. Even though some experiences bring a lot of pain, I can say that great achievements surpass pains. My brother's medical condition has truly changed the way I perceive life as well as how I regard my family friends and doctors who have always been helpful to us ever since my brother was diagnosed with his condition.

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Every doctor who has come across my youngest brother has always been very thoughtful, caring, and gentle. Also, my assistant has replicated the same behaviors as the doctors. They have instilled in me the feeling of welcoming and care for the sick. It is important to pinpoint that the experience I had while interacting with my brother's doctors over the years and seeing how much assistance they offer to my brother has been a positive contributory factor to my passion for becoming a physician. It has triggered my desire to pursue this career wholeheartedly so that I can also help and encourage the sick.

I graduated from the University of Houston with a great Grade Point Average (GPA), majorly in Education. Even though my career has nothing to do with the Physician Assistant profession, I can still bring the knowledge to educate and advocate for wellness through medicine as a physician assistant. My conduct is also exemplary as I have received commendations from my peers and teachers for being brave, strong, compassionate, and humble. Also, throughout my personal experience and with my family, I have always been emotionally stable. Additionally, I can manage stress as much as the situation may dictate. I believe this is a great quality that someone who desires to become a physician assistant must have to address many challenges that may face patients. Moreover, I have vast experience and prowess that I have obtained over the years. It is also prudent to note that I am a great communicator, a critical thinker, respectful, and patient. Furthermore, I have always created a pleasant environment for everyone; a trait that I know will be helpful when working with patients and other colleagues.


All of the experiences that I have encountered over the years have made me realize that I want to fulfill my dream and passion of joining the medical team and become a physician assistant. I would like to emulate the amazing physician assistant that I have come in touch with, to be able to help people with a great approach when they are sick or when they need my help. I hope I can give the same care that the doctors gave my brother when I get the opportunity to be a physician assistant. I will be able to interact with my patients offer care and love to them.

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