Research Paper on Organizational Excellence via 360-Degree Surveys

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Date:  2023-01-31


An organization's quest for success and preeminence is directly correlated to its system of management. There is no shortcut for an organization to achieve operational and functionality excellence without the involvement of apt and effective management techniques. One prime organization management tool is the 360-degree surveys. It is worth noting that most 360-degree surveys are not freely available and demand significant levels of financial muscles in the acquisition of a license to use them in running an organization (Singh & Singh, 2018). Though, there are still a handful of samples of a free 360-degree survey that are available. Therefore, the use of a 360-degree survey in management is not a choice but a prerequisite for all organizations whose focal point is attaining operational supremacy and success.

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Free 360-Degree Feedback Survey

A 360-degree feedback survey is essentially a system of assessment that is used in the assemblage of responses and replies from several and varying perspectives inclusive of self, subordinates (direct reports), colleagues (peers), manager/supervisor and more others (Fleenor, Taylor, & Chappelow, 2008). The collected data is then converted into a report indicating both the strengths and weaknesses of either the person or group under assessment. The ABC 360 degree is an example of a free 360-degree feedback survey that well suits to be applied to my organization.

Suitability of the ABC 360 Degree Survey Application in an Organization

The ABC 360-degree survey is an apt choice for my organization because of its versatility. The choice is equipped with most of the pivotal features necessary for a germane 360-degree feedback survey. The ABC degree feedback survey relatively provides a guarantee of the facilitation of the improvement of an organization's performance. The survey feedback makes it possible for individuals to efficiently exploit their areas of strengths to their advantage (Effron & Ort, 2010). The ABC 360-degree feedback survey choice, therefore, conveys critical information to the employees regarding problematic actions and the vital changes to be instituted.

ABC 360 Degree Feedback Survey Checklist

The scales and items provided by the ABC 360-degree feedback survey are very logical to the organization. The scales and items of the survey display significant levels of face validity that is critical in driving our organization to success (Fleenor et al., 2008). For instance, one of the items in the survey is the use of a questionnaire. The use of questionnaires is very relevant to the organization, especially in the measuring of varying categories of job performance within the scope of judgment, initiative, communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Besides, the suitability of the ABC 360 degree feedback survey choice for the organization is due to its high level of competencies the instrument assess which are critical for the provision of the desired behavioral traits to be adopted in the organization. The survey provides a platform for the improvement of supervisory skills, inspiring commitments, effective communication, leading organizational change, project planning, technical expertise, and conflict resolutions skills (Conte & Landy, 2018).

Moreover, the competencies that are assessed by this survey are directly related to the current business management model that our organization is using. As a result, the survey is evidentially suitable for the organization since it can detect the limitations of the management model. The survey will, therefore, be able to point out challenges and other setbacks that are relevant to our business management model as well as give suggestions on how to tackle the delays.

Nevertheless, the survey is designed to cater to the critical needs of our organization by providing reminiscent and evocative data to the organization's managers (Fleenor et al., 2008). Moreover, the data will be considered to not only be accurate alone but consistent as well. Also, the behaviors to be subjected under assessment are open to allow the change that necessarily will involve dropping devious traits and embracing decorous characteristics in line with the codes and conducts of the organization.

Additionally, the provider of the ABC 360-degree feedback survey displayed high levels of expertise and experience with most of the relevant elements of the survey, such as the target audience, instrument, and subject matter. The achievement of apropos feedback is significantly determined by the competencies level of the provider(s). Therefore, to achieve relevant feedback, the ABC 360-degree feedback is well suitable due to the high level of experience and expertise displayed by its providers.

Evaluation of Personal Leadership Skills and Other Skills

An in-depth evaluation of my leadership skills as well as other skills using the survey revealed a relatively lacking aspect. Lack of effective communication, which is a crucial leadership skill is one of the skills pointed out by the survey to be relatively missing in me after the evaluation. Another leadership skill that the evaluation established my incompetency was supervisory skills. The way I was supervising my employees was less effective and had several gaps that culminated into poor quality of work by the employees. An inspiring commitment that is also a critical skill for running an organization was evidentially absent within me after the evaluation (Fleenor et al., 2008). The realization of an overall organizational improved productivity is widely influenced by the level of commitment and motivation of the employee. Thus, my lack of inspiring commitment was negatively affecting the total productivity of the organization.

Significance of the Survey

The survey was instrumental in pointing out areas of weakness for purposes of initiating correctional and improvement procedures. The survey also pointed out areas of advantage that can be exploited even further for the utmost benefit. Therefore, the survey is handy to the organization since it is equipped with tools for improving the performance of the organization.

Areas of Leadership Skills Improvement Pointed out by The Survey

The survey highlighted several areas in need of leadership skills improvement. One of the leadership skills in lack of perfection is supervisory skills that through the survey I was able to establish a high tendency towards despotic supervisory leadership skills that was demotivating most of the employees (Deller, Gallani, & Sandino, 2018). Hence, the survey pointed out the necessity of embracing democratic supervisory leadership skill to give room to the workers' opinions and ideas geared towards improving the overall performance of the organization.

Also, the survey established several faults in my conflict resolutions skills. The occurrence of conflicts and disputes within an organization are relatively a common scenario. However, arguments and difference within an organization need to be solved aptly and entirely to avoid any possibility of their resurgence. The conflict resolution skills that I was upholding were virtually ineffective, and thus, there was a need to adopt new conflict resolution skills such as mediation and arbitration.

Supervisor Evaluation

Additionally, an evaluation report of the supervisor gave a fair result. The items and tools applied in the assessment were appropriate and suitable for supervisor evaluation, thus guaranteeing the fairness of the report (Effron & Ort, 2010). However, several areas of improvement for the supervisor were noted. Among them were technical expertise, decision making, problem-solving, and project planning.

Survey Improvement

I will consider improving the survey before using it again, primarily by changing its wordings to be more specific and accurate. More precise and precise question wordings will provide specific and accurate answers as well that will ensure immediate organizational performance feedback materials (Fleenor et al., 2008).

In winding up, therefore, the 360-degree survey feedback is indisputably a very gravitas for the attainment of exceptional and excellence organizational functionality and operation. The survey is a mechanism to propel an organization from management and operational laxity to superior performance. Therefore, all organizations pursuing greatness should embrace and implement well designed 360-degree surveys to achieve their goals and objectives.


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