Columbus Custom Carpentry Organizational Culture Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

In your opinion, what is causing the turnover at Columbus Custom Carpentry?

The idea of turnover at Columbus Custom Carpentry liaises with the causal theory of Price and Muller. The model is used to open up facts on how structural and individual factors bring about job turnover among employees in Columbus Carpentry. The causal model of Price and Mueller (1981) and Price (2001), is more comprehensive and covers almost all turnover causes identified in Columbus Custom Carpentry. Turnover in the company is caused by the factors under discussion beneath (Arekar et al., 2016).

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Turnover in Columbus Custom Carpentry occurs from incidences of stress and burnouts in a job environment. Barbara Duff, the CEO's administrative assistant, hints to be overwhelmed by the job the reason why she has been in need of an assistant. Moreover, Matt Lee the accounting database administrator compiles the payroll, the task for the HR department. The disputes between departments in the firm causes burnout among employees. Derwin Boyer, the manufacturing manager, complains of pulling employees off assembly to fetch raw materials, John Brown the manufacturing supervisor complains of the warehouse manager not doing his job as they always run out raw materials. Cary Dobbins, the warehouse manager, complains of his department employees often shifting to the manufacturing sector because the department pays more. All the above causes' burnouts among employees thereby opt to quit the job (Adams & Bloom, 2017).

The next cause is blockage of opportunities in the company by senior officials. Evident from the warehouse manager the employees from the warehouse are attracted to the manufacturing sector due to higher pay. When he blocks the transfers employees get mad and quit. Additionally, turnover occurs because of dissatisfaction with the current job; employees are dissatisfied due to payment variance in Columbus Carpentry making them quit. The company criteria of replacing higher paid employees with the lower earning new hires imply a strategy which causes a turnover in the firm. Employees could leave a job because they receive less about the tasks they perform (Bussin & Thabethe, 2018). Other personal reasons like a need for transfer to a firm closer to an employee's family may end up causing a turnover, Stephen Moore the crater wishes to transfer to the manufacturing sector to be in a position to mingle with his family. More so, he highlights the need for promotion and rhymes the development with pay, if not so, the company will face turnover.

Finally is the lack of specialization in the job. Employees in Columbus Custom Carpentry are put to work in areas they are not knowledgeable, for instance, Nathan Smith the production technician expresses a concern of a downturn in the housing market as his craftsmanship is no longer giving him the pride he had initially. More so, Stephen Moore, a newly hired crater plans to shift to the manufacturing sector. The HR department in Columbus Carpentry has to explore the causal model to understand the course by which employees' characteristics, work satisfaction and desire to leave the organization influence the final decision to quit (Arekar et al., 2016).

Are the assembly technicians overpaid? Explain.

The assembly technicians are not overpaid. The amount of work the assembly technicians do is not equivalent to the pay they receive. For instance, the assembly technicians pull off from the assembly work to fetch raw materials or move the finished goods out the production department. Moreover, the assembly technicians perform a technical task in Columbus Custom Carpentry like putting elements in the correct arrangement for the jig to close. The assembly department is the one that saves the company from damages and wastages. It will be good for the department members to be paid well as they determine whether the firm assembles quality doors that are not damaged. The quality production lies at the assembly department implying the sector employees should be paid a good salary. Columbus Carpentry has harmonized the payment for the assembly department that is why few members from the department have terminated the job (Gupta & Shaw, 2014).

Despite the strengths above of the assembly department, members like Nathan Smith's co-workers were not satisfied with the sector that is why they moved to the housing industry. If the department could be overpaying the workers, no old employee could leave the job and opt for a new job in other sectors. The assembly technicians are paid more than the crater operators. The essence does not guarantee the claim that they are overpaid. The pay rhymes with the workload befalling the department. If the HR department could overpay the assembly technician and with the lack of specialization in the company more burnouts could add to the HR since all the employees could shift to the sector (Reys, 2016).

Are the craters underpaid? If so, why? Will, they still underpaid if the jig system eliminates the custom hand-work portion of their job? Explain.

The craters are paid less as compared to the forklift workers. The reason for underpaying the crater employees is that the company's HR has failed to link the operation in the crater department to those in the manufacturing sector. Both departments have the jig technology to make the doors, but the HR considers the crater sector as a complete hand-work section. That is the reason why employees in the crater department are underpaid (Reyes, 2010).

If Columbus Custom Carpentry eliminates the custom hand-work of the crater workers, then they should be paid equally to employees in the manufacturing department. The use of jig craters is an advanced technical step in the department which will limit the number of employees in the department. The reason is that machines will have to replace human labor thereby saving Columbus Carpentry from the hurdle of more salaries. As the firm lays off some employees at the expense of the jig craters, it will be useful for the few remaining employees to receive a pay rise. The introduction of the crating jig is a devastating encounter as well as a positive aspect on the side of employees. Some of the workers in Columbus Custom Carpentry will be forced to shift to other departments that pay less or even more, while others will be automatically laid off. The company should comply with the ethical consideration in a workplace and utilize the external environmental factor of technological advancement to the benefit of employees. Employees who have left their positions at the expense of the crating jig should be promoted to folk lift department and others to the manufacturing section rather than leaving them jobless (Hu et al., 2016).

Given the case and market information, is the CFO position best aligned with that of an accounting manager, director, or CFO? Explain.

The CFO position is best aligned with that of the accounting manager and director since the CFO is in charge to supervise all the accounting functions. Notably, the CFO is specialized in reporting matters of finances (Lourie et al., 2018). Moreover, the CFO is liable to approve the credit extension services to customers that have been prepared by the accounting manager. Also, the CFO coordinates with the outside accounting manager to compile the tax returns of all employees in Columbus Carpentry. The CFO coordinates with the accounting manager to manage finances thereby projecting any financial risks if any are about to face the company. The assists above make the company analyze the business environment and establish suitable means and strategies to continuity (Lourie et al., 2018).

The CFO ensures that with the corporation of the director, they have harmonized all the records in the company including data about employees, their departments, and the salary they receive from the company. Keeping records ensures that the financial reports by the firm are found on the baseline of the documents available in the firm (Goretzki & Messner, 2018). The position is in line with the director, accounting manager and the functions of the CFO since all the cost-accounting in the manufacturing department are compiled by the officers in unison. Columbia Custom Carpentry can come up with the end-month closing cycle basing on the report from the three sectors of accounting management. The officer holding the position of CFO in Columbus carpentry is charged with the abovementioned responsibilities reflecting the alignment of the functions of the CFO at Columbus Carpentry aligning with the actual functionalities of the position (Goretzki & Messner, 2018).

Are there differences in pay that appear to be based on sex/race/ethnicity rather than performance or length of service? How so or why not?

No pay based on sex, ethnicity, and race, Columbus Carpentry depicts payment variations basing on the length of operation an employee has stayed in the firm, the department that the employee works and the technicality of the sector an employee works. Differences in pay ordinarily are due to the contract that an employee has signed with Columbus Carpentry. For instance, employees who have been engaged to work on the deal will earn less than those who are employed on a permanent basis. The variation will be evident in the same department depending on whether the employees have the same workload. Another source of pay variations occurs mostly depending on whether the employee has worked more hours as overtime. Employees that engage themselves in an overtime task are entitled to an additional payment as per the provisions in the Columbus Custom Carpentry Handbook (Reyes, 2010).

The level of seniority in the organization or department depicts another cause of pay differences. For instance, the CFO in the company earns more than the database manager in the same firm. The rank that an employee has determines the amount of salary he/she takes home. More so, the job group that reflects experience guarantees a variation in wages. The other source of pay difference is whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt. The exempt employees are paid higher as compared to the non-exempt even if they work in the same department. On selected occasions, employees that have contributed exemplarily to the company receive spot bonuses that could cause a variance in the salary. The company adheres to ethical considerations and makes matters of salary variation to base on merit as opposed to race, ethnicity or sex (Reyes, 2010).

Given your answers to the previous questions, correctly how would you rectify the critical issues within Columbus Custom Carpentry? What resources/references support your plan of action?

The HR department in Columbus Carpentry has to hire the right personnel and ensure that each employee has specialized in the area that he/she bests suits. Job specialization will limit the shifts from one department to another thereby enhance the quality of work at each department in the firm. Employees who don't fit into the company's job environment are the ones that experience burnouts and eventually turnover (Sonnentag, 2015).It is useful when Columbus Carpentry will offer employees a very competitive pay together with other benefits like bonuses. Employees will always be happy when they are in a position to cater for their expenses without hurdles. The company has to engage in market research to establish what competitors like the housing industry offer to employees. Standing at a competitive pay will assure Columbus Carpentry a chance for quality production, commitment from employees and good working relationship (Jang & Kandampully, 2018).

Columbus Custom Carpentry should ensure that employees develop their career...

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