How to Improve Discipline and Conflict Resolution? - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-27


Leadership skills are essential whether one is in the field or off the field. A good leader will be in a position to create a team that will win tournaments, have a great work environment and ensure there is moral value. Additionally, the ability to have leadership skills will encourage personal growth by motivating people to be their best (Borland, 2019). There are a number of ways that a team leader can use to improve discipline among team members and encourage conflict resolutions. First, a team member should be able to inspire his/her team. A person who is inspired will also be motivated and, in a position, to be disciplined and work towards the best interest of the team (Campbell, 2009). An inspired person will also think about others and not concentrate on personal and selfish gains. Such an attitude is critical in conflict resolution and harnessing discipline.

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Secondly, a team leader can be able to improve a team discipline and encourage conflict resolution if he/she practices open and honest Channels of communication (Borland, 2019). People like to know they can come to a leader at any time and their grievances will be addressed. The ability to stay neutral during communication and to listen to all the parties will increase the level of trust which will, in turn, enhance the ability to have conflict resolutions addressed. Additionally, it is paramount to recruit people who are positive and have values that are needed in a team. People who are always negative will ultimately transfer their negativity to others. Finally, it is important to have the ability to rewards good deeds and delegate duties. A team should be able to work flawlessly with everyone playing his/her role.

Importance of Sports Periodization

Sports periodization is a critical component in every athlete's training session. The program offers an opportunity for the athlete to perform at his/her best by using progressive cyclic formats. A good and effective training should be planned by looking at the athlete's potential and the competition that he/she will be involved in over a period of time (Campbell, 2009). By using some techniques such as macrocycle, a sportsman is able to train in such a way that they gain endurance and are able to perform at their maximum when they are engaged in a sporting activity. A macrocycle can last for about a year or several months in preparation for a game. However, an athlete can also be engaging in a mesocycle. In this training, the period is short and can last up to a few weeks. The aim is to improve a certain section of the athlete progressively.

Why this Area?

It is important to ensure an athlete is able to have momentum and can sustain him/herself during a sport. The areas of muscle build up and performance enhancement is critical because it can spell the difference between winning and losing. Training is not just about lifting things or jogging. The ability to have all the body parts in good shape is a science. The ability to understand this science is what made me choose this field. It is important to have the ability to offer the best service to clients. However, it is also critical to understand how to use exercise to achieve the best results.

Do I use it Currently?

I Believe that having a positive attitude and using what one has learned is a great way to view life. I do use the training exercise that I have learned and I believe they have been of great help. The exercise that I use does work for me. Previously, I found the routine challenging but a few trials I started enjoying them. The muscle builds up and the performance is improving. Although the training is tough, I find it rewarding because the results are visible. The resistance training is especially helpful because it helps with the muscle growth. There are different phases that I currently use and I find it easy to alternate between heavyweight reps and low-level training. I would recommend that a person should try different periodic to understand which one works best.

Tools and Benefits of Periodization

A well-developed training program is essential because it reduces and manages the stress that is applied to the body during training or a sport. The ability to manipulate the training volumes is critical in ensuring there are no torn muscles or the body is unable to handle the stress that is applied (Kraemer, 2007). When the body is able to handle certain levels of strain, an athlete will be in a position to perfume at his level best. A well-developed training program is also critical in ensuring the body is able to adapt to new challenges that it may face during an actual sporting event. It is therefore advisable for an athlete to get professional training or learn ways that he/she can train his/her body to cope up with various strain levels without harming the body.


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