Research Paper on Organizational Behaviour Problem

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Date:  2022-07-07


This study was carried out by analyzing a practical situation presented and finding out the organizational behavior problems and carrying out an analysis of the problems. The study involved a district manager, two store managers, an assistant store manager, and the organization's sales team. The management problem with the district manager is presented in this paper as well as the analysis of the problem to help understand how it contributes to the failure in the organization.

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Problem Statement

The problem was that the district manager failed to find a qualified store manager to replace the one who gave notice before resigning and instead promoted the unqualified assistant store manager to the position of the manager. The unqualified acting manager could not address the needs of the sales team and the transition period was becoming a problem in the organization. The acting manager could not study the behavior of the members of the sales team enough to understand the best way to address their issues. One of the possible causes of unrest among the sales team was the inability of the acting manager to read their psychology, especially regarding motivation, teamwork and client feedback (Massey, 271). Another problem was the extension of the roles of one store manager to work part-time in the store. Increased workload reduces efficiency (Schermerhorn et al., 78). However, the problem of the failure of Jenifer to deliver is not squarely on the district manager. That is because Jenifer had the liberty to turn down the offer, but instead, she accepted it and did it even when she was ineffective in salvaging the situation.

Analysis and Discussion

In this case, the store manager gave notice of resignation, and the district manager failed to find his replacement until the time he left office. The notice was good enough for the district manager to have looked for a person with the needed qualification and let the outgoing store manager conduct proper orientation and handing over. Without the orientation and handing over, there was no transfer of skills specific to the organization from the outgoing manager to the incoming manager (Nawaz, and Gomes, 15). Because of this, the acting manager and the part-time manager were taking a lot of time trying to understand the best way to offer services to the organization. Without motivating, the sales team effectively and team coordination, it becomes difficult to meet the organizational goals that include customer satisfaction and motivated sales team (Wei, 88).

Jenifer seemed to have poor communication channels with the sales team, hence failed to understand their needs and expectations. Due to this, the sales team expressed a dislike for the management team including Jenifer and the acting store manager. Lastly, the environment of work in the organization seemed to contribute to the failure of the organization as the sales team felt less motivated and recognized. Organizational behavior includes the study of interaction among people in an organization. The major problem organizations are poor leadership qualities (Yohana, 199). In a case where an employee gives a notice resignation and greats enough time for the person in charge to find a replacement, failure to find the replacement in time is to be blamed on poor leadership.


In organizations, good management contributes a lot to the success. Organizations should invest in the motivation of workers and in the proper transition from one manager to another in case a manager needs to resign for some reasons. It is also important to avoid overworking employees, or the employees have to accept roles that could reduce their efficiency.

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