Essay on Leaders Setting the Right Example: Exploring Leadership Definition and Effects

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Date:  2023-04-08

Leadership denotes a procedure where the administrative team can monitor and inspire the performance and work of others towards the fulfillment of individual goals in a specific condition. Leaders must design future visions and motivate members of the firm to have the desire to attain these visions (Shriberg & Shriberg, 2010). Thus, leadership can also be viewed as leaders setting the right example for their subordinates. Leadership can be analyzed concerning its definition and even analyzing it with management.

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The most preferred definition of leadership is one that can inspire and develop positive change in a particular environment. As such, when there is a crisis, this form of leadership will be able to bring in the desired changes. It may also be able to foresee the crisis or instability before it occurs and thus convey persistent transformation and uncertainty facing the people. Similarly, this form of leadership can be viewed as one that offers competent answers to tough situations facing individuals or their subordinates.

Leadership is a crucial part of efficient management. Therefore, as a critical element, outstanding leadership emphasizes on developing an environment where every worker will prosper. Besides, leadership is described as the capability to inspire and drive efforts of the group towards the fulfillment of goals. The influence may come from prescribed bases such as the one provided by acquiring an executive position in a firm. Leadership and management differ in specific ways. When managers are involved in setting the configuration and delegate responsibility and authority, leaders offer direction through the development of organizational mission and interconnecting it to workers and further ensuring that they are inspired to attain them as well. Hence, management, in this case, is involved in setting the right structure while leadership provides the direction to be taken (Cole, 2019).

Additionally, management entails planning, organizing, recruitment, guiding, and monitoring, while leadership is principally a part of the guiding role of management. Leaders usually concentrate on listening, developing connections, collaboration, motivating, and influence of followers. On the other hand, leadership usually obtains authority from followers, while management is through the advantage of his position in the company. Management further entails following the policies and procedures of the firm, while leadership is where one follows their instinct. Management also evaluates individuals by their records, name, and current performance while leadership observes and assesses people as having prospective for elements that cannot be measured (Cole, 2019). As such, leadership deals with the future and the production of individuals once their prospective has been entirely obtained.

Leadership has been assessed concerning its definition and analyzed with management. The most preferred definition of leadership is one where the element of inspiring and forming positive change in a specific setting is involved. In this way, the leadership will bring in positive change when there is a crisis. Also, management and leadership differ as observed. Management involves following policies and procedures while leadership observes and assesses individuals as having the prospective for aspects that cannot be measured. Leadership provides direction while management sets the right structure.


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