Forming Teams, Team Work and Role of Team Members Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Teamwork plays a significant role in the completion of projects, be it organizational or institutional. It is the effort of working together to achieve a common goal or complete a given task most efficiently. Each member of the team is given a role to play; this helps in reducing the time for the completion of a task. It is done by subdividing the tasks into simpler ones that can make the process successful, and its mostly done by taking other student opinions on each topic to come to a consensus of individual attitudes to each other.

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The has not been a universal agreement on which roles are necessary for successful teamwork. Every individual does the way they feel will help them in becoming effective while handling tasks. For my case, I tend to be a decision maker as well as a team leader. I always want to resolve on inevitable lack of consensus and willing to take responsibility of the entire group, this pushes me to be effective in delegating duties to team members to be successful. I always want to generate ideas, whenever we get stuck in projects. This helps the group in finding solutions to challenges that have been encountered while completing assigned tasks. As a team member, I always want to play a part in organizing project activities; I want to develop timelines of when to start and the project as well as any other activities that may arise while running projects. As a leader, I would need to be the presenter of our findings since it would be my responsibility to answer questions regarding my team. I would have understood which team player plays the best role in a given topic and assign them the duty to address issues to that topic.

Other team players should be participatory to ensure our finding and presentations are successful and effective. They should be writers to important elements of the tasks that need to be addressed; they should record operations of the group which will be the basis of discussion by the supervisor. The members should facilitate the operations of the group so that we understand how best to handle operations. It will need to take into consideration of the different views the team players have and then decide on choosing the best steps and ideas that will help in having effective teamwork.

To form a team, it will require effective leadership. Once leadership has been established, I will need to establish relationships with each team player. Once the relationship has been established, it will be critical to building team relations amongst the members, after which I will foster teamwork and set ground rules to guide the operations of my team. For instance, in having an effective advance in renewable energy sources, it will be critical to prepare the team for ensuring leadership is effected from the time the project begins to the end.

To get the advisors for the project, it will need to look for a person who is knowledgeable in the field of study that we want to carry our research. Find out if the person we select to be our advisor will have time for our queries and if not look for an alternative. But before then it will require us to be aware of our strengths, have a look at what skills we need to develop, how independent we are and what level of scholarly expertise we need. Having analyzed our needs, it will be easy to identify the best advisor to our project.

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