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J&L Company produces and sells swinging cooler doors in the United States. These doors are used preferably in walk-in freezers as they provide a separation of the temperatures between the freezer and the outer surroundings. The doors can be either single or double as well as in different sizes depending on the preference of the customer as well as the size of the freezer. The doors are efficient as they reduce the energy cost while at the same time providing easy entry into the freezer.

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Product selection and the Political, Economic, and Legal Systems as well as Cultural or Ethical Considerations that would contribute to the Success of the Product.

J&L Company has been recently developing an analysis that would help it to branch into the Indian market. India has been identified the third largest economy in Asia and an economic leader in the region (Kala & Zhong, 2015). Thus exporting to this country may help make the product successful as the country tries to modernize themselves.

India is one of the greatest democracies in the region. It has liberal and democratic systems akin to those of the United States. The government has three independent but mutually reinforcing branches including; the legislature, judiciary, and the executive, just like the United States. Furthermore, the president who is elected as the head of state runs the country (Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, 2016). The similarities between the government of India and the United States can also be identified in their laws. The English common laws are similar to Indian laws. If the product is to be exported, there is the legal obligation to which the company must adhere. For instance, the company has to provide compulsory documents that authorize their importation of the goods into India. Such documentation may include the Bill of Landing or the Airway Bill.

While exporting to India seems like a good idea, there are ethical considerations that have been established. For instance, relationships in India rely on a hierarchy that the company representatives must respect and observe. This actions may entail addressing people in the right way and maintaining necessary formalities when conducting business. Furthermore, consumer attitudes must also be considered. For instance, in India, analysis has shown that the swinging cooler door will be favorably accepted as they require lower energy consumption.

Problems That May Be Associated With the Introduction, Operations, Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service of the Product

Due to the need for modernization in India, the potential consumers will be willing and respond positively to the introduction of the product into their market. In addition, the company will not experience problems in terms of operations as it will use the warehouses in California and Texas to manufacture and stock the swinging cooler doors for export. The company will also hire

Marketing of the product may be a challenge due to the severe competition that the product is likely to face once it enters the international market. This competition will be slightly different than marketing to the local consumers. The marketing team would have to work extra hard to introduce the product into a new and international market successfully. The team should also be ready and willing to use other forms of promotional marketing.

The Significance of the Problems

Though developing a marketing strategy that is different from the local strategy may need to be designed carefully, this activity does not pose a significant problem. The company may use promotional media such as TV and radio to make the customers aware of their products and the benefits of using swinging cooler doors over the other types of cooler doors. Also, the company may send out representatives to potential customers who may be interested in the product. Also, creative forms of advertisements that are eye-catching and easy to remember may help the company to stay ahead of the competition.

Alternative Country Selections for the Product

Although India has been identified as the best option, the company also considered alternative countries that are potential export destinations for the the product. These countries include Singapore and Sweden. Singapore was identified as an alternative country mainly due to the free trade agreements between Singapore and the United States. The free trade agreements would help in reducing the overall operational costs for the company. The country was also advantageous due to its safe government and economy. However, the major disadvantage for this country would be the restrictive labor rules (Lui, 2016).

Sweden as the second alternative country was considered due to the lack of language barrier, and the need for the people to maintain their environment. This would work well for the product since it uses less energy as compared to the competition. However, the main disadvantage of branching to Sweden is the high taxes as well as the immigration problems that the company may encounter (Andersson, 2008).

Recommendation of the Best Possible Country and Product Selection for the Product

Globalization has become the desired path for all businesses. In my opinion, I would recommend the company to export their swinging cooler doors to India. From the analysis, it is clear that India would be the best option to export to as the government encourages trade and has reasonable requirements for their imports. Besides, the modernization of India in an attempt to become an economic leader in the region may work in favor of the product's success.


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