Paper Example on Walmart's Structure, Systems & Strategy: A McKinsey 7S Analysis

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Date:  2023-05-23

According to the McKinsey 7S framework, Walmart's structure, systems and strategy reveal the hard elements. At the same time, styles, skills, shared values and staff are soft elements which express the existence of strong links that are interconnected as discussed below.

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1. Structure

The structure of Walmart is highly hierarchical as a result of the large scope and size of its business operation, serving more than 11500 stores and offers a wide range of products, including the local farm produce to bank services within 27 countries (Monica, R.P. (2015).

2. Systems

The systems in Walmart vary depending on the complexity of operations and range from Information Technology (IT), finance, recruitment and employee performance appraisals Hicks et al., 2012). Additionally, before setting up a new organization in a foreign state, Walmart focuses on customer service options to offer reasonably high wages and training.

3. Strategy

Walmart applies the policy of "everyday low prices" to increase the sales volume and earn a competitive advantage over the top competitors (Ruetschlin & McElwee 2015). The business strategy in Walmart Company is based on Foreign Direct Investment.

4. Styles

Walmart operates uniquely in all stores in the 27 countries, but the idea of service delivery is the same (Lu 2014). However, the unique styles applied in Walmart is the provision of different products alongside their possible substitutes such that there is nothing that the customers miss from the stores.

5. Skills

In skills, both amateurs and professional employees are offered the best skills to handle their tasks effectively. For instance, in kitchens, the workers are taught the necessary cooking skills by the leader, Monica Galetti, for cooking more than 100 fabulous recipes (Tenebruso 2016).

6. Shared values

Walmart uses its strengths to collaborate with the customers and the society to advance its ambitions of commitment in utilizing possible opportunities for the sustainability of the organization and the community.

7. Staff

Walmart's staff includes the executive management led by Walmart's CEO Doug McMillon, and the Board of Directors chaired by Greg Penner (Wahba 2015). The organization's staff ensures that Walmart operates with guidelines of accountability and integrity.


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