Research Paper on Impacts of Hosting Mega Sporting Activity

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Date:  2022-05-16

Thesis statement: Countries that are seeking to host mega sporting events must have financial capability and realistic long-term plans to succeed.

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Tourism and hospitality have played vital role on the factors to consider before hosting the mega sporting activities. The tourism and hospitality sector and industry at significant other than the infrastructure of the country takes into account of close to 50% of the factor to consider in hosting sporting activity. Tourists are brought to the country if the sporting activity is to take place in a given country. The tourist finds one thing, and that is hospitality factor before boarding a plane to that particular, country.

The Tourism industry then plays a crucial role in determining whether the sporting activity will take place or not. In that case, the sector struggles to develop its sub-sectors to enable them win the trusts of the tourists. In the process of lobbying for support from different parts of the country and the donors, the industry faces some significant challenges in planning for their success. In preparing for the success of the Tourism and hospitality ministry realizes so many problem, but all revolves the funding. This makes the major problem of Tourism department to be lack of finance for its developments.

The Tourism industry faces a dominant financial problem especially if the country is bidding for sporting mega sporting activities like World Cup. Several nations have offered to host particular mega sporting activity, but the bodies in charge of awarding such tenders have rejected because of considering the level of the Tourism industry development regarding the hospitality and the infrastructures. This then follows the big question, that after the tourism industry have been developed and put into consideration, and the country is capacitated to host the a Mega Sporting event, what are the significant impacts of hosting a Mega Sporting activity? This, therefore, made the research focus its studies on Brazil being that is cradled country in organizing Mega sporting activities worldwide.

Historical Background on Brazil

Brazil is a country found in South America. Brazil was colonizes by the Portuguese on 22 April 1500, by a Portuguese called, Pedro Alvares Cabral. Brazil by then was a trading zone between the Portuguese and the Indians. Brazil than from scratch rose to poor through various power struggles and got independence on 7th September 1822 from the Portuguese. The Brazilian adopted their first formal constitution on 23rd September 1822 and stopped using the informal structure from the Portuguese.

Brazilian then began to developing their country from scratch. Though Brazil is still regarded as a third world state due to the high population and builds up of slams in its major cities. Brazil has had different Presidents of who developed the country. Brazil has also embraced the culture of sporting among others. The industry of sporting activities is popularized by promoting the soccer players and the athletics. Some of the highly decorated players of Brazil include Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Rivaldo among many others. Brazil, through the culture of embracing sports activities, has attracted several sporting activities. The sporting activities have therefore have lead to several impacts within the country.

In Brazil several sporting activity have been hosted, including world cup, the event lead to growth of several cities grew. Brazilians were involved in several economic activities not forgetting the social aspects endeavored. The political phase and understanding of the politics also changed significantly, this lead to the rise of GDP of the economy, (Gross Domestic Product). It is also of concern that the activity posed some adverse effects, due to the high flax of visitors in the country such as litters, among others. The impacts are further discussed by the research, and the recommendations stated accordingly, in the subtitles below.

An Overview Mega Sporting Events

The paper research focuses on the significant impacts or effects of hosting a mega, world in a country. Some of the substantial sporting activity that is conventionally acknowledged are FIFA games which include, Soccer World cup, Olympic races and field events, Pan American cups, in the area of martial arts include, World Taekwondo Federation, Boxing, Karate, Kungfu and among many other games. In other sporting activities that are termed to be mega include Golf games and many different categories of gaming activities.

In the two countries that world cup has been hosted realized tremendous, both positive effects and adverse effect in their major cities and moreover the entire state. Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria, being South African as significant cities and Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and Salvador realized some significant changes, both politically and economically. Those are among the towns that achieved the effects that drove curiosity that fostered the research to be conducted on the impact of having or hosting such a significant sporting activity in the country. The cities above had some new economic aspects that drove curiosity of knowing some of the effects of organizing the sporting activity. Other than the financial plans, it was clear that sustain social and political aspect cropped in the region which drove curiosity.

In this study, the research focused on exhausting the significant effects of that befalls a country when the country holds or hosts a Mega sporting activity such as the ones listed above. Some of the states to have ever organized the Mega sporting activities, listed above may include. Japan and Korea, commonly known for hosting Taekwondo matches and Karate, though widely hosted in South Korea. Soccer World cup has been organized over a time since 1934 after four years. It has been held in several countries, and it goes for up to a month or two. The previous two nations to have hosted World cup in the recent past include South Africa in 2010 and Brazil in 2014.

In the case study of Brazil, it's realized that Brazil, for instance, has hosted several sporting activities that has impacted the livelihood of the people staying in Brazil. It's confirmed that Brazil has hosted world cup two times, that is in 1950 and 2014. That only posse the question of what were the prior plans before hosting and after hosting the World Cup, other than the FIFA world cup, Brazil has also hosted, other mega sporting activity including but not limited to 2007 Pan American games, organizing the entire states in the continent of America, 2016, Brazil also hosted the Mega Summer Olympics and many more games.

The fundamental questions that were administered in the quest to gunner more information concerning, the effects of hosting the sports in relations to hospitality were as follows.

What are the factors that make Brazil win the hosting rights on many universal gaming?

What are the significant effects of hosting mega sporting Mega sports in the country?

What are causes of the problems of the of Tourism industry in relation to hosting mega sports?

General Overview or Current State of Problem

In consideration of a country to host the mega sporting activities, the nation must be ready to spend billions of dollars to build its infrastructures. Taking into account of Brazil, it lost the various sporting activities before 1950s, due to lack of proper foundations. Brazil realized that and began the quest to develop its country for the purposes of bidding the mega sporting host and for sure the following have been put in place.

Proper and adequate hospitable restaurants. At the moment in Brazil, for instance, there are several developed hotels and restaurants. The ministry has made sure that hotels are in abundance in major cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and Salvador. In Rio de Janeiro there several high-class resorts, international restaurants and hotel, such as Zona Sul. Rio de Janeiro is boarded next to a beach with very excellent accommodations. The atmosphere in Rio, best suits its tourists. In the parts of Rio with excellent and well-equipped resorts include, Ipanema, Chic Barra, and many more areas. This is a confirmation that the country is spending billions of money. It is also confirmed that accommodations are of excellent and international standards that is indisputable by any tourist. The experience of Brazil in hosting the games should give other countries an insight that for them to organize, there must be severe sacrifice to spend on the hospitality issues.

Good stadiums, The study showed that for the success of hosting any mega sporting activity there must adequate international stadiums. The country must spend money in the stadium and build sufficient of them, and that would imply that the government must pay so that in return its awarded the hosting rights. Using our case study Brazil, the country is endowed with internal class level of stadiums in its major cities. Just to cite some examples of stadiums in Brazil include, Maracana stadium which can hold up to the capacity of 78,838, Mane Garrincha which is the second largest in position which can accommodate upto the function of 72,888 followed by Morumbi stadium with the capacity of up to 67,052, followed closely by Estadio do Arruda with the size of 60,044, and many other stadiums distributed all over the state of Brazil. From, the figures and the stadium listed above, it is clear that for a country to be awarded the hosting rights, it must have adequate stadiums with high capacity, and this implies that the nation must spend millions or billions of dollars. Funds still stands the challenge to hosting a mega sporting activity.

Political stability security, For a country to host the mega sporting games, the state must be politically stable, a country with political instability realizes insecurities due to divided ideology, and therefore any time the nation can recognize wars and this may interfere with, tourists. Peace and harmony must be adhered to for a successful event and consequently the state if political stability in our case studies is high. Brazil has registered very few cases of political or clan wars, and this has been her added advantage. The insecurity enhanced by terrorism is also minimal in Brazil. This implies that all countries must invest heavily in security for peace and harmonies when the hosting rights are awarded.

Positive Effects of Hosting Mega Sporting Events

It leads to generation of cash and finance from the locals. A study that was conducted on Olympic mega games between the years 1973 to 2008 illustrated that the revenue collection has been very high generating a lot of cash that in Barcelona, it generated you up to 40% of the revenue that was realized by Barcelona in the year 1992. That meant that Brazil realized a substantial amount of income generations, ranging from purchase of commodities by the tourist, paying for the transport fees at the airports and at the borders.

It leads to employment opportunities. When a mega sporting activity is staged in a country, several, job opportunities are created in the place leading to the service based employment. The service-based jobs are such as the salesmen, the maintenance personnel, and personal cares. In our case study it has been hosting several activities, and thus the businessmen knows when and what to invest during such hosting.

It leads to development of infrastructure and Urbanization. For a country to win sporting host, the state must have 8 to 10 world cl...

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