Research Paper on eBay and Amazon

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Date:  2022-11-30


Technology helps connect customers and sellers on web platforms and also on mobile, it also ensure there is effective control of the orders of the customers and payment of goods purchased. Amazon and eBay are so far the leading platforms at the market place when it comes to e-commerce, therefore one can choose one of them based on the requirement of business. While Amazon describes more about the products to customers, eBay let the customer create a description of a product on their own. The algo Buy Box in Amazon rewards goods at low prices and is more direct than the search of eBay where prices are driven down. Since buyers are more confident about the prices they see, they will prefer to buy goods from Amazon.

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The Industry They are In

The Amazon and eBay companies are heavy hitters of e-commerce which create mutual benefit, and these companies belong to the internet industry. The owners of e-commerce store get the opportunity to expose their goods while at the marketplaces; hence customers acquire a wide range of products without increased inventory. Amazon provides customers products which have fixed prices because it is a retail outlet; on the other hand, eBay facilitates goods sales between the sellers of buyers from the third party because eBay acts the house of the auction.

Type of E-Commerce and Related Technology

Amazon uses business-to-business and business- to- consumer type of e-commerce to run its business, and the effect on the owner of small business rely on what the business owner seeks from Amazon. On the other hand, eBay uses consumer-to-consumer types of e-commerce which involve consumers selling their products directly to other consumers, this gives people the opportunity to sell their products to other consumers.

Which One of the Two Organization Use Technology Effectively, Why?

From the customers' view, eBay uses technology more efficiently because it uses keywords to ensure that views are attracted; this enables the consumers to get what they want easily. eBay also take advantage of the promotions, and this encourages the customers to spend more money on what eBay has in store. It also provides email marketing which makes the customers aware of new products because they will be receiving updates concerning new products through the link of eBay homepage (Tanner, 2018)

Factors That Business Manager Should Examine

The business manager should ensure that certain factors are examined when evaluating eBay and Amazon use of e-commerce and other related technologies; for instance, the business manager should examine the marketplace fee. This will prevent the supercharge on sales due to marketplace fee, and therefore managers will ensure that the products have a sense of margin and also ensure they have good knowledge on marketplace's structure of fees (Drummond, 2017)

Areas to be Expanded or Improved

The eBay organization can be improved by changing the layout of the site as well as the design since the pages are more confusing to some customers. By improving this, both sellers and buyers experience will be enhanced. On the side of Amazon can improve if the shipping time is well estimated, hence customers will buy goods faster. There should also be live chat to ensure that customers get more information concerning the products they want to purchase and this will help the customers to buy the goods they exactly want from Amazon.


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