Research Paper on Climate Change

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Date:  2022-07-25


I agree to the statement that changes in climate have already had adverse effects on the environment. The changes have led to intense heat waves, accelerated ocean rise and the increased loss of sea ice. There has been an alarming rise in global temperatures for decades now, and it is evident from the observations that there is global warming and it is likely to get severe in the days to come. Some of the alterations caused by climate change to our ecological systems are so severe and cannot be reversed. Climate change is not only having a negative impact on the environment but also affecting people's way of living, health, economic stabilities, migration, safety, energy sources and human relationships. With this trend, human beings are increasingly getting worried about the future, with the woeful economic, social changes, political and environmental changes that they may not be able to control or influence (Nuttall, 2012). The shifting and climate changes are shaking almost everything, from business, economics, teaching to health. There is so much impact it is having on every field, that I will only focus on the teaching profession in the subjects of Business and Economics.

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Challenges Imposed by Climate Change to the Society

Climate change could bring opportunities to the society but the challenges it brings to the society and environment are more severe to count on its opportunities (Field,2014). However much, it is challenging we need to understand on what to anticipate in every day of our lives. That is where teaching profession comes in as more people would be taught on how to counter the climatic changes, what to do to stop further damages to the environment. The teachings should be implicated in the social relations and the cultural practices of the people to help the society emerge from anticipation. It, therefore, makes the profession important as it helps people understand successful strategies to adapt, the nature of resilience as well as preparing people for the uncertain future.

Why Every One Needs to Understand Climate Change?

It is coming to a time that everyone needs to understand the changes in climate, where every profession would need a requirement of expertise in predicting the future. For instance, teachers need to be aware of the increasing changes so as to keep the leaner informed all through, without which the information relayed to the students would not be enough and up to date. As a teacher it will require one to be carrying out a number of researches to avoid being left behind and what is supposed to be covered. And since climate change has a future that is unpredictable there is need to be updating the syllabus as alterations are noted in the environment.

Climate Change Considerations on Decision Making

While making decisions, it is also vital to consider the effect the climatic changes would have. Before setting a business, it will require one to carry an analysis of the environment to understand it better, develop counter strategies in case if changes in climate as well as being aware of what to expect. For instance, with the coastal erosions that are being experienced at the shows of coastal areas and the rise of sea water levels. That would be sufficient enough to help an investor decide if they want to take the risk.

In the subject of business and economics, there is a need for investors to analyze the environment before setting up a business. This is ensuring that it will make economic sense if they decide to start a business where they are likely to face challenges related to climatic change (Fourcade, Ollion and Algan, 2015) The current estimates have it that climate change has a limited impact on the welfare of human beings as well as the economy. At the initial stages of climatic change, the impact could be positive but in the long run, negative impacts outshine the positive ones. The negative impacts are presumed to be greater in hotter, poorer and lower lying regions than others. When these regions try to reduce poverty, they complement reduced greenhouse gas emissions which reduces global warming which results in climatic changes. Climate change can affect the growth rate of an economy, it could as well trap more people in poverty, however, it has remained difficult to quantify the levels of impact they bring to our societies.


In my teaching profession of Business and Economics, I have had to learn on how anticipation is fundamental for our daily lives. just like, we are unsure of what the climate will bring us so should be the teaching profession as things continue changing. There is a need to perceive the world, move around it, relate to it, make sense of it, what possibilities could exist as well as what to expect from it. As business people would advise, there is a need to have a successful engagement with the climate and that there is a better understanding of the environment. The anticipation which is business and economics people is at some point an envisioning possibility, a desirable pursuit expresses curiosity as they aim to avoid the undesirable. The profession appreciates what people consider as seeing the world around as a movement in constant motion, with a lot of uncertainty and surprises. For that reason, it is always good to be prepared for the changes.


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