Research Paper on 9/11 Aftermath: Enhancing Security & Combatting Financing Terrorism

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The aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist act stipulated several issues regarding security and financing of terrorist groups across the border of the United States. the critical analysis of the United States intelligence was stipulated to inform stakeholders on the relevance of enhancing cross-border security and internet security relating to money laundering in the plight of financing terrorist groups (Shannon, 2000). Several issues relating to improving security and ensuring that the Patriot act serves the United States in the direction that it was set been associated with ethical and moral issues concerning safety and liberty (Shannon, 2000). For instance, the 9/11 attack lead to the signing of the 2012 2016 transnational immigration law by President Obama (Litwak, & King, 2015). Since the Patriot Act was set to prevent any money laundering activities and to finance any criminal group with respect to the origin of 911 attack which is the Islam society, several issues relating to ethical and moral appeals have been developed regarding the efficacy of the Patriot act and the relevance of securitizing United States with respect to transnational migration.

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Since the occurrence of the 9/11 attack, there have been several improvements in the United States security agencies apart from the common CIA and FBI agencies. recently the Congress reaffirmed its conclusion concerning cross-border challenges on security issues by associating the 2016 presidential campaign discrepancies with the issues related to the national democratic committee. According to Wolfe (2016), it is evident that in 2016 there was a challenge in the intelligence community hence there were perforations in the official results which were challenged by incorporation of the Russian mafia to alter the official results and emails belonging to associates of Hillary Clinton. A search, the 17 intelligence groups associated with the United States Patriot act was enacted after the occurrence of 9/11 attack to ensure that no perforations are left to let criminals challenge the security of Americans (Wolfe, 2016).

Securitization Approaches Related to 9/11 and Patriot Act

Securitization is a term that refers to the process in which state actors in international relations change ordinarily mundane issues into matters of state security. The national security agencies adopt the aspects pf securitization to ensure that an incident like the 9/11 does not recur. The term may also come across as the politicization that encompasses the use of higher means in protecting national security (Wolfe, 2016). The creation of domestic institutions, signing, and authorization of bilateral, multilateral, deportation and extradition agreements and treaties, and the ratification of protocols and conventions are some of the securitization measure taken towards transnational migration. According to Wolfe (2016), the process of securitization involves three steps; making a claim that the security of a nation or an object is threatened and then demanding the permission to take measures against this perceived threat.

Current Security Agencies in The United States and The Efficacy on Security and Liberty

There are about 17 agencies that make up the United States intelligence community in the plight of securing the society from any planned or unplanned security challenges relating to cross-border security and money laundering to support criminals (Wolfe, 2016). September 11, 2018, AC made the Congress respond to the terrorist attacks by enacting a bill to establish 17 agencies to backup CIA and FBI group. J17 agencies include:

1. The Office of The Director of National Intelligence

The agency was catered by the Congress to deal with any reoccurrence of the 911 attack and to connect intelligence in the collection and sharing of information among the United States and intelligence agencies. According to Litwak an King (2015), the group was assigned the director who is the head of the intelligence community and is the principal adviser of the president concerning national security. the director also responds to issues relating to homeland security council relating to intelligence matters and issues related to national security (Litwak, & King, 2015). However, liberty is an issue concerning the office of the director of national intelligence since many issues have been a rising concerning speculating into the privacy of individuals.

2. Central Intelligence Agency

CIA established, and it's now the most recognized intelligence agency which is known for spying foreign countries and agencies and governments by conducting covert operations. According to Caprine (2016), the agency performs funneling money to opposition groups in other nations to sway elections all to oust certain foreign leaders. In that perspective, the CIA was created to perform extensive intelligence operations to collect relevant pieces of information on enhancing security United States (Litwak, & King, 2015). CIA intelligence agency that and she was that each American civil liberty is secured. for instance, the agency ensures that each Americans freedom civil liberties and privacy rights are guaranteed by the approaches that the federal law affirms. Even though many people playing that CIA outlines, CIS performing extra intelligence activities by collecting information to national security policymakers, the kind of privacy and civil liberties are justified. Therefore, the CIA and shivers that the nation protects every American from any planned attack on their privacy. The goal of the Patriot Act is to ensure that Americans are United and spectate in terms of providing appropriate tools which intercept and obstruct terrorism acts related to the 9/11 attack.

3.National Security Agency

The 9/11 incident made the Patriot act to establish national security agency which is the largest and perhaps the most sophisticated agency in terms of technology. According to Carr (2016), the agency is efficient in preventing any reoccurrence of the 9/11 attack and shivering Americans are secure from any planned or unplanned attacks on their security. NSA focuses on monitoring collecting and ensuring that it processes communications and electronic information hands cracking secrets codes. the practices of NSA are mostly accused of collecting consideration data of most Americans; hence there is a challenge of liberty respect to the 14th amendment of the constitution (Carr, 2016).

Even though NSA focuses on preventing any recordings of the 911 attack, the approach of monitoring collecting and cracking secret codes has been accused of affecting the privacy demands of most Americans concerning the deliverables of the constitutional amendments relating to the 14th amendment (Carr, 2016). The approaches done by NSA assures prevention of outside penetration into the United States information systems. NSA also oversees PRISM and all mass media surveillance programs. since NSA employees the most genius mathematicians to ensure that no penetration is done into the United States information systems, it is evident that it is the most efficient agency that protects the United States from any intruder relating to the 9/11 attack.

4. Defense Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence agency abbreviated as DIA is the top spy agency that primarily and she was that it is responsible for collecting and making an analysis of intelligence, especially on foreign militaries. All intelligence officers support it in the military branches. It's approaching align with the deliverables of the Patriot act in conjunction with solving issues related to the occurrences of the 9/11 attack. According to Catano and Gauger (2017), to ensure that the Americans assure liberty, the agency and she was that it prevents occurrences of Win wars buy decisively coordinating with other military leaders' defense policymakers and fighters with a particular mission statement that ensures the security of Americans is upheld.

5. Federal Bureau of investigation

The Federal Bureau of investigation solo enforcement agency that works with intelligence functions to ensure that the safety of Americans have upheld. The agency majorly focuses on securing Americans against terrorism foreign intelligence operations mostly work to ensure that cyberattacks are controlled beyond human ability (Catano & Gauger, 2017). Even though Americans have been assured of security against cyberattacks, the WannaCry ransomware that took place on May 17, 2017, challenged the efficacy of Federal Bureau of investigation on controlling cyberattacks (Sahi, 2017). Liberty of Americans concerning the approaches that FBI check on ensuring that terrorism and cyber-attacks are free from Americans is still a challenge even though the practices and she was that the occurrence of 9/11 attacks are assured (Sahi, 2017). The multiple issues relating to infringement of Americans privacy effects the efficacy of the Federal Bureau of investigation in ensuring that terrorism and cyber-attacks are prevented. For instance, the occurrence of the ransomware that took place on May 17, 2017, challenged most businesses whenever the Federal Bureau of investigations required to investigate into the issue.

6. Department of state bureau of intelligence and research

Department of State collects and analyses intelligence information on global affairs to offer advice on security issues. The department conducts foreign opinion polls as an approach to track and analyze issues relating to the US foreign policy objectives. It also ensures that it analyses the proliferation of weapons issues relating to smuggling and drug trafficking.

According to Lipsey et al. (2010), Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program is also consulted when dealing with drug smuggling as an approach to ensure that national security is upheld. Department of state speculates through mass media information like Instagram to analyze whether the sale of weapons of mass destruction is championed. analysis of the usability of weapons of mass destruction and prevention of other nations from using the weapons and she was that an occurrence of the 911 attack is prevented.

7. Department of homeland security office of intelligence and analysis

Prevention of the occurrence of the 911 attack is assured by homeland security (Catano & Gauger, 2017). Department of homeland security enhanced surveillance and preparedness of border control transportation to ensure that Americans are secured from various threats (Catano & Gauger, 2017). department of homeland security protects Americans from biosecurity challenges transportation issues and border controversies. it controls the movement of people whenever SARS or Ebola outbreak is realized. According to Catano and Gauger (2017), Department of Homeland Security is sometimes forced to prevent humans from traveling hands altering their liberty to move from one country to another whenever there is a threat of biosecurity like Ebola or SARS.

8. Drug enforcement administration which deals with the office of the national security intelligence

Drug enforcement agency is a government watch guard on drugs and legally transported opium. It performs a GSI forfeiture of assets which are suspected to be associated with illicit drug trafficking (Welch, 2015). Therefore, the office of the national security intelligence relaxes with drug enforcement administration to prevent the threat from becoming a search into the American nation. That perspective preventing drug smuggling the United States is also a security mechanism that prevents the occurrence of a security issue like the 9/11 attack (Welch, 2015). Even though the approach challenges the efficacy of constitutional amendments on the confidentiality of people's information, it ensures that the...

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