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Some people construe the Ukrainian Civil War as that war of independence which took place immediately after 1918 following the overthrowing of one Czar in February 1917. On the same note, Ukraine also gets noted to undergo another bloody civil war recently in 2014 in which the Russian president Vladimir Putin got blamed to a greater extent. President Putin also gets argued to publicly acknowledge the role played by the Russian government in sponsoring a documentary that demonstrated how he carefully orchestrated and planned the takeover of the Crimean Peninsula (Lendman, 2). Therefore, the paper gets founded on an elaborate research on the Ukrainian Civil War with the consideration of the 1918 war and the one which took place nearly three years down the dates.

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It gets argued that immediately after the Czar got overthrown in 1917, the government of Ukraine decided to set up a temporary administrative system which would oversee itself proclaiming as a republic within the structural regime of the federated Russia. Later in November, after Vladimir Lenin and other radical Bolsheviks rose to power, Ukraine and Finland took another step of making a declaration of a complete independence at around January 1918, a situation which traced the genesis of the civil war. The aftermath of the full announcement got coupled with numerous challenges to the Ukrainian government from many spheres. The first problem got drawn on the difficulty of the government of Ukraine to impose rules on the people of Bolshevik. The depicted bred an aspect of opposition and many counter- revolutionary activities within the country. It can thus get confirmed that the first trace of the Ukrainian civil war majorly got based on the Bolshevik revolution and opposition to the rules which got imposed on them by the Ukrainian government (Menon and Eugene, 4).

The war got ignited further with the entry of Germany and Austria for purposes of bringing order thus making the Russian troops which occupied the country by then to leave under the terms of a treaty that got made at Brest- Litovsk. It later came to light that the entry of Germany and Austria got based on a similar interest which got based on the ideal nature of Ukraine in providing food to their hungry people. The situation, therefore, became worse, one of the German commanders known as Wilhelm Groener who got based in Kiev later branded the Ukraine administrative structure negatively. He depicted the structure as incompetent, disorderly and in no manner ready to provide better results to its citizens. He proceeded in suggesting that, the German government should consider treating the Ukrainian government as a cover as they take on other roles by themselves. The mentioned demonstrated their primary interest from the civil war. Austria and Germany later got forced to withdraw their armies following the defeat of the central powers and also the signing of the treaty of the armistice (Rapawy, 5). The Austria- Hungarian Empire also fell, and the independent West Ukrainian Republic got proclaimed. The independence also got argued to assume a shorter life span due to the next struggle with the military troops from Poland and Russia. Ukrainian government also found it tough to withstand the assault of the Soviets leading to serious power struggles. It gets recorded that in 1922, Ukraine became one of the constituent's republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics only to regain power and independence later in 1991 after the collapse of U.S.S.R.'s. At the time of the civil war, the ordinary citizens faced numerous challenges. Many people died with most of their properties getting destroyed.

At the time of the entry of both the Austria and the German troops, most of the food of the Ukrainian's got ferried out of the country to feed the hungry interested party which came into breed order yet with a hidden agenda. Nevertheless, the war also brought fear and mistrust among the law enforcement organs and the citizens. The justification for the depicted got based on their homes which got destroyed and their properties interfered with by the military troops which came in for purposes of order restoration. The first phase of the Ukrainian war, therefore, mirrored a long history of a power struggle as it tried to retain its independence which it failed to achieve until 1991 following the collapse of the U.S.S.R.'s. The mentioned also justifies the reason that led to the rebranding of the war as the "Independence War," since it touched at a larger extent the struggles of Ukraine in attaining and also retaining its independence. The civil war in the discussion also brings to light the treachery nature of both Austria and Germany and the justification got drawn from the remarks of the Germany army officer from Kiev.

Approximately two decades later after power struggles and attainment of Independence, the Eastern Ukraine got depicted to get stalked with deaths and destructions of properties coupled with threats of worse situations to unfold. Most of the political leaders from the United States of America blamed the Russian government for overseeing several invasions in Eastern Ukraine which got noted as a long-time site of civil war since the insurgent of the rebelled forces against the authorities of the United States of America. It gets portrayed that the Russian government played a significant role in overseeing the occurrence of the war through carrying out of the artillery barrages and also offering participations from the offensive levels (Sakwa, 7). Some military researchers also voiced their concern by depicting the war as Kremlin- manufactured conflict. Their argument got based on the arrival of the widely spoken little green men in Crimea that led to the transformation of the conflict from a domestic issue between the ordinary Ukrainians and their government to an international problem that called for urgent solutions.

The officials of Kremlin narrative equally framed the 2014 Ukrainian civil war to exist between the Ukrainian government and the pro- Russian separatists. The justification for the mentioned got imaged in the first six months of the war (March to August). President Putin equally took center stage in admitting their involvements and planning of the same as portrayed earlier. Further research on the issue demonstrated that the influx of the Russian weapons and the military training of the Ukrainian forces brought to reality the role played by the Russians (Alan, 1). At the beginning of 2014 when the war unfolded, the Ukrainians got imaged as the minority forces that fought for regional separatism in the Eastern front. Later during the year, civilians' protesters and even the construed little green men from Russia made an attempt of taking the power of government buildings in the Donbas, Odessa and lastly Kharkiv.

Moscow equally escalated the situation by offering military backing to the Ukrainians. It provided arms, machinery, leaders and even heavy war equipment to ensure that the takeover never saw the light. The role got claimed by many people as a factor which added fire to the conflict from the onset. The situation heightened till summer when the Ukrainian government regained the ground of Donetsk, a case which made the Russian government continue supplying military armament to the rebels to reverse the Ukrainian victory. It gets argued that by August the same year, the Russian government offered a massive amount of war machines to assist in the capturing of Ilovaisk (Gerwarth and John, 12). The aftermath of the depicted got argued to get similar with that of 1918. Many of the Ukrainian soldiers got killed and others severely wounded. The citizens got not speared either, a good number of them died while others hospitalized. Services in Ukraine also got brought to a standpoint with the country risking a dangerous state of collapse from various spheres. Therefore, it gets argued that the Russian government played a greater role in the first and second phase of the civil wars of Ukraine. The dominant role mainly gets mirrored in the war which unfolded around three years ago, but that does not out rule the first case. The issues presented portray Ukraine as a nation which gets coupled with challenges of wars to date.


In summary, it gets important to note that the civil war in Ukraine cannot only be discussed based on either the 1918 war or the one which unfolded in 2014. The justification for the depicted gets drawn from their similarity regarding impacts and factors which qualify a war to get referred to the civil nature. Therefore, the discussion covered both areas as evidenced in the whole paper.

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