The Evolution of Terrorism Since 9/11

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Date:  2021-03-08

How has signals intelligence evolved since 9/11?

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The United States of America still faces diverse threats from imminent terrorist groups since the 9/11 attacks that took place in 2001. In the past two years after 9/11 attacks, the U.S homeland security has witnessed two terrorist attacks from al Qaeda. Therefore, it is the duty of America to evolve and keep pace with this complex and dynamic threat environment. It should be noted that previously America was not engaged in any wars. The bombing of the twin towers was orchestrated by terrorists since the United States had involved herself in successfully fighting terrorism (B. OBrien, 2016). The wake of counterterrorism strategy has evolved throughout in the 20th century. A lot of measures have been put in place in order to counter-terrorism.

What is the significance of this evolution?

The 9/11 attacks influenced the adoption of a repudiation strategy that was based on starving terrorist attention. For instance, a successful operation was formed in October 2001 to combat terrorism. This operation was dubbed Operation Enduring Freedom and was aimed at dismantling the Al Qaeda network (Adams & Nordhaus, 2016). The United States combated the terrorist groups by denying these groups resources by securing weapons and finances used by these violent anti-government groups. The Treasury Department collaborated with society interbank telecommunication of Belgium to disrupt the funding of the terrorist groups. This has posed financial setbacks in the operations of these groups. The United Nations (UN) also tightened the security at its borders and points of entry in the country.

The terrorist attacks have brought a series of changes in the United States airport security. The transportation security administration now provides (TSA) service. TSA is the body that is instituting safety procedures and managing the airport checkpoints in the country through screening. The agency has been authorized to review the lists of people who pose a threat to flights at the airports (B. OBrien, 2016). The United States has also increased its security surveillance through tapping of phone conversations suspected to link to terrorist groups and to carry out extreme checkpoints on borders. In 2002, the Unites States created the Department of Homeland Security that merged two government agencies to oversee massive deportation of those convicted of non-violent crimes and criminal offense (Green, 2015).

Question 2: How does investing in Africa's future improve our homeland security? Why?

Investing in Africa will create an opportunity for the next generation. This will spur economic growth that will go forth in fostering development and advancing the peace and stability in Africa (American Security Project, 2015). Investing in Africa goes hand in hand with creating job opportunities and economic growth. With the availability of resources and education, more youths will develop skills in combating terrorism and this will tighten the security. The recruitment of youths into the Al Qaeda will reduce, thus, reducing risks associated with terrorist attacks.


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