Report Sample on the First Emperor of India

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Date:  2021-06-18

Question 1. Historically, the Maurya and the Gupta emperor were among the first empires to be established in India. At first they performed, and were controlled well with the use of different adopted approaches. With time we realized that Maurya emperor failed because of the rise of Buddhist religion which was not accepted in the Hindus religion. They enabled India to achieve a high level of developments as well as doing well in keeping the intruders away. On the other hand, their greatest, achievements were; a rise in peace, unity, and increase in knowledge which is recognized to be one of the biggest achievements during that time .additionally, they also failed because of continuous attacks and divisions that were experienced from other rulers in the region. This emperor fought to take over most parts of India especially the north but was faced by a strong army of Alexander the Great.

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Question 2. In terms of resources, the Indian empires had plenty resources which were taken out of the county and others were brought into the country. The country in terms of trade had a growing and a prosperous economy that enabled them to achieve great success. For example, some of the, exported items that boosted the Indian economy included wool and cotton which were used to make clothes, the ivory which was also used to make weapons and jewelry. Some of the items which were brought into the country were diamonds which were used to make jewels. They were improved in their art and craft because of their precious ornaments.

Question 3. When it comes to gaining independence, India gained their independence from Alexander the Great when he died at the age of thirty-two years. This happened after the death of his longtime friend who died due to a fever which was suggested to have been caused by poison. When this friend died Alexander the Great had good plans to improve his empire but he did not realize his plan, he died after falling sick for ten days of extreme fever. People came up with several thoughts of diseases which may have caused his dead. For instance, others said that he suffered from malaria, others contaminated water while others said it was due to food poison among others(Charles).. After these many Susa marriages broke indicating that Macedonians did not like this breakup and the Persians together with Macedonians failed to unite therefore resulting in a war, when Greeks realized that Alexander was dead they withdrew from submission yet again and they began a fight which resulted into Macedonians being forced out of Greece. Greece which had been convicted several times for the abuse of the huge numbers of the minor groups in Macedonia under which they had taken off their rights later became independent after being helped by the Western Europeans forces.

Question 4. Chandragupta Mauryanwas the first person to face the outcome of a foreign attack and a state of desperation. He was able to free up the nation from the Greek rule, he had become very famous and powerful full of expensive and all types of luxurious possessions, he took advantage of a powerful soldiers to take over territories through violence; he did this for 24 years and managed to enlarge his ruling. He then succeeded in taking over the Northern and southern half of India but failed to consider taking over small kingdoms. He later passed his leadership to his son after whom he migrated to the south where he was jailed and starved to death.

Question 5. Chandragupta Maurya had a great advisor called Chanakya. He took over the kingdom of Magadha, this is because as much as the ruler of this kingdom was powerful, he did not earn trust of the people because he was harsh and he levied huge taxes to the people so as to come up with his great army(Palley). After this, he married Magadhas daughter so that he could strengthen his position. He later to a fight with Alexander the Greats successor whereby he won this fight and was able to take control of the land, In his efforts to secure peace for the land he married Seleucus daughter and gave him a lot of war elephants as a way of acknowledgement. Through these two ways, he was able to unite many regions of the northern India.

Question 6. Currently, the leadership is organized, and there are no more empires used but rather a united government. The prime minister is the head of state of Indian government; playing an overall responsibility of leading various branches of leaders as well. For example, he is the only person with authority to decide who should be in the cabinet making him be the head of all the ministers. The Indian prime minister offers an advisory role to the president since he is appointed by the president to help in leadership as well as in administering the various matters relating to the state (Bloomfield). Most importantly, the country is currently progressing well in its economy. For instance, it is doing well in trade, agriculture and growth of industries, increase in security and infrastructure among other developments. The state organizations may not be doing perfectly well, but the private sector businesses have boosted it towards achieving the best growth in the economy.

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