Report Example on Trianon Ventures into Hungary Business Market, Fails, Then Succeeds

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Date:  2023-10-15


The Trianon organization had the expectation of purchasing and owning a business in Hungary. Unfortunately, the business plan became unsuccessful; thus, it failed. A few years later, the organization made a decision to join a venture with a firm in Hungary. It is worth noting that Trianon is an Anglo-French company that has gained a substantial reputation for high quality. Alistair Mackay became the personnel development director for the European division of the Trianon specialists within the European Union upon working with several other groups.

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The news was obtained through a phone call, indicating that Trianon would require a Quality compliance manager in Hungary for some three-year assignment (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016). The requirement for the position was to fill the chance of a compliance manager in which Alistair had to make swift decisions to take the position. One of the main issues in the case is the trade-offs that exist between the availability of the best candidates for the job and the focal job description.


All three candidates portray some balance between weaknesses and strengths. For instance, Marie represents technical and organizational process abilities. John portrays the local product knowledge and local cultural understanding. However, Sinead represents knowledge of global products and the organizational process abilities in the field of joint ventures.

By weighing the abilities that are most essential for this assignment's success, it could be easier to determine optimal and perhaps perfect person for the job. Selecting Sinead appears to be a riskier choice since she has the greatest strengths and the greatest weaknesses. However, Marie seems to be less risky, although she lacks some specific joint venture skills. On the other hand, Janos may be the riskiest choice since he has a little working experience with the company.

It is essential to follow the selection criteria based on technical ability, language, and the utilization of the selection tools, cross-cultural suitability, firm and family requirements, as well as the country's cultural requirements. The human resource should get involved in strategic decision making based on the international business operations e.g., the finalization of the management of the joint venture.

Best Concepts in the Selection and Recruitment Process

Candidate Work Sample Tests

The candidate work sample tests often come in various forms, although they are characterized by requesting that the candidates conduct some typical assignments that they are likely to encounter (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016). As such, the assignments are often based on some real examples, although they are simplified and shortened; and in most cases, they are timed. It is essential to note that such sample tests focus on basic skills and competencies, such as IT ability, written communication, and analytical skills (Claus Wehner et al., 2015). Again, such tests could form better indicators for various job requirements, such as the ability to deliver tasks under pressure and time management.

In-Tray Exercise

Like the case with work sample tests, the tray exercise is time-limited and is based on some typical examples of the tasks that are likely to be encountered during the actual job (Gardner, 2018). However, tray exercises are mainly focused on the ability to prioritize tasks. For instance, the candidate could be given some competing priorities- may be in the form of memos, messages, e-mails, and letters. The candidate could then be required to prioritize the tasks in order, presenting the reasons for such choices and the assumptions made. The in-tray exercise requires more attention, a description of priorities, and a description of choices and priorities.


It is essential to note that the presentations often cover some broad range of tasks in which a person is requested to prepare something in advance and later some to the interview for a formal presentation regarding the completed exercise. It is essential to seek clarification in advance when given such a task to ensure the responses conform to the requirements.

Procedure for selection of candidates

The selection of various candidates follows various methods and criteria. However, the method presented here is one of the universally accepted and adopted by various companies across the world (David, Banerjee & Ponnam, 2017). For instance, the first selection is based on the information gathered from the relevant resumes and applications. This method relies on educational institutions, the quality of writing, and the grades obtained by the candidate.


The final stage of this selection process is based on an interview. During the interview, there are pertinent factors that are considered by the interviewers. Such considerations include; the personal appearance and grooming (flashy and floppy grooming are considered inappropriate), response to the various interview questions, adaptability and the ability to learn, and flexibility and range. In the selection process of the best candidate, the employee must meet the two basic challenges i.e., ability to present solutions and ideas to the peers, subordinates, and superiors, as well as the ability to successfully complete tasks that are allocated to him/her (Gardner, 2018).


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