Report Example on Nonverbal Communication in Intercultural Settings: Varied Interpretations of Silence

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Date:  2023-11-18

Part 1

Nonverbal communication plays numerous vital roles in intercultural conditions. The channel of nonverbal carries the connotation of interactive and character ties. Besides, nonverbal cues offer the context for comprehending and interpreting ways to understand the verbal message (Burgoon et al., 2016). For instance, a single nonverbal cue can have distinct interpretations and implications in diverse cultures.

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Silence among Different Cultural Groups

According to Merriam-Webster (n.d.), silence represents an inaudible situation or moment of total stillness. In many Asian nations, for example, silence is perceived as a sign of politeness before answering a query to portray that an individual has reflected on the response and questions hence indicating adequate sobriety (Bryant, 2019). In some cultures, like in the West, individuals demonstrate silence as a sign of inadequate engagement in the conversation (Shearer, 2020). For instance, Americans view silence as a disagreement, feelings of emotion, or indifference of the person.

Factors That Influence Communication among Different Cultures

Cultural identities, such as attitudes and values, can impact dialogue among different cultures as people’s behaviors and norms tend to be diverse and may clash with those from distinct regions across the globe (Ting-Toomey & Dorjee, 2018). Also, communication between different cultures is influenced by gender roles, as various societies have distinct perspectives regarding the responsibilities of women and men (Ecoggins, 2020).

Part 2

Nurse’s Special Approaches

Google Translate approach enables a nurse to overcome language barriers in healthcare as this technology helps in the transmission of information and protects cultural heritage (Dwilson, 2018). Besides, a healthcare provider can seek to comprehend diverse cultures. Engaging in a bicultural atmosphere aids nurses when connecting with the patients as it enables the provision of quality care and sharing more personal concerns such as anxiety, psychiatric challenges, or depression (Dwilson, 2018).

The Role and My Experience of Interpreters in Nursing Care

Interpreters in the provision of nursing care aid in closing the language gap, helping medics, patients and other staff communicate their needs efficiently. According to Medtrans (2018), healthcare providers with the help of an interpreter can enlighten a treatment plan, diagnosis, and anticipated recovery period. With the use of interpreters in practice, I have been able to engage with the patient correctly and offer quality care as required, thus increasing patient gratification.


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