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Box Station, Inc. aims at providing high-quality products to their customers and balances the expenses they get in the gaming entertainment.

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Programs at Box station.

Box station runs a program that imports china electronics to the country with a goal of maximizing the profit margin of the company. The program maintains a low cost of products sold to customers. The program maintains a low cost of electronics and import fees below the cost of manufacturing products in the United States. The interstate commerce program hires foreign workers because they are paid lower wages than the locals are. They do not demand additional benefits including medical, off time payments and set hours. The foreign workers hired do not complain about work conditions but take it as a routine to work late hours, load and offload trucks, as well as drive trucks with shipments across the country while taking minimal breaks.

Identify Critical Information

(What do you have that needs protecting?) Analysis of Threat

(Who is the threat?) Analysis of Vulnerabilities

(Things that give away the information/ways information on our activities can be retrieved) Assessment of Risks

(If the adversary acquires information, what is the risk/level of damage the adversary could inflict?) Low Medium High Risk Application of Countermeasures

(What actions are we taking to reduce the risk?) Assessment of Risk After Application of Countermeasures

Box Station owns assets such as 14 warehouses in the nation located in a 40-acre land. There are 400 trucks that transport goods, 28 small vehicles, 6 forklifts in each location, 13,000 employees,13,500 desktop computers,1,200 desk phones,3000 cellular phones, intranet, and normal office furnishings. Currently, there are countermeasures such as 6-foot link fence that surround properties protected using a guard shack at the two entrances in each property. One unarmed guard operates a guard shack for 24 hours 7 days of the week.

Buy American Direct (BAD) is a threat to Box Station because it is dedicated to stopping importation of Chinese products into the United States. BAD has 10,000 members who destroy property and use violence to cause violence and assert influence to other people. There are evidence that the group destroys properties. The BAD group is a threat to Box Station because most of its members are convicted of fraud, firearms, explosive laws, extortion, and assault. Most members are educated and hold advanced degrees in international economics, business administration, IT Systems, horticulture, accounting among others. The group is very intelligent in ways they use to perform their tasks. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) providing them with financial support-to-support illegal activities around the country properly funds the group. DEA obtains its money from growing marijuana and distributing it in all States. The annual income for the group is approximately $3million.

The Buy American Direct (BAD) members have the knowledge to break blast proof vault kept inside a lock and key. The Builders Inc., which is a nationwide company involved in construction had their dynamite worth 2000 pounds stolen from their site which is 45 miles away from town. The explosives are recorded daily in an inventory and locked inside a blast-proof vault with a key and a lock. The BAD group smashed the lock and stole the T-N-T explosive. Steve Ward, the director of State fish and wildlife enforcement division reports that boat activity was intense on the river behind Box Station, Inc. at the odd time of the year. A careful observation helped Steve realize that the anglers did not have bait on the hooks and anchored in the river between 100-250 yards from Box Station.

The positioning of Box Station near the river is a vulnerability because it allowed spy fishermen to investigate on Box Station Company.

There are drunk persons who enquire from the waiters the location of the Box Station, Inc. and where their uniforms are cleaned. One other drunk lady drove in the bar asking the types of identification cards needed to get in the Box Station, Inc. reports made to the police failed because she was driven away using a blue sports car.

There are people using an expired license without a registration. The vehicle had stolen 2000 pounds of T-N-T at the back with the aim of blowing the Box Station warehouse because it is the one that imports Chinese products.

The Box Station, Inc. The company had external persons performing illegal activities such as importing their games. The persons threatened to destroy the companys distribution warehouses in the United States. The illegal acts seemed to have a loophole where the authors could illegally access the games.

The Companys facilities do not have strict measures of identifying people at the gate or the near Companys premises. The general manager, Box Station entertainment, Mr. David Smith reported people who suspiciously attempted to circumvent security at the entrance gate aiming to access the facility in the county. The persons had no features to distinguish them. However, installation of CCTV cameras could have assisted to give their images.

From the report, it is clear that there was no proper security at the parking area and the compound because unauthorized people were allowed to park their vehicles at the parking area without showing their identification details. Cases of unidentified vehicles parked in the compound were many including a black passenger van having tinted windows; a bright red moving van parked three times. The employees observed the illegal drivers and passengers using binoculars to watch the Box Station entrance gate. However, they did not report the attempts to the investigative department for further scrutiny. The Box Station Inc., Company has no firewalls and secures way of protecting their internet devices. The lack of protection is a vulnerability to the Station. The system administrator for Box Station is not secure because Larry Johnson has reported the theft of network encryption access cards from three employees. There are notifications of unauthorized access to the network. Access to the companys information is a high risk because it exposes the assets of the company and additional information that reveals the employee and employer information.

Exposed information places the company at risk of theft, destruction, the collapse of systems and hacking of details from the internet. The Company should have good policies and practices. It is important to implement electronic document retention policies.

The Company can keep backups of their data in case there will be the destruction of data. The Box Station Company needs to secure data and crash of hard drive. Setting permissions of data folders and files control what can be accessed in from the network. Installing passwords protects documents. Passwords allow users to make changes to information in systems. Using EFS encryption protects data on disks. A steganography program hides data inside another data. Example, the Box Station, Inc. could hide text messages inside .jpg graphics and MP3 music files, and text files. Good policies and practices ensure that only authorized personnel access company confidential information from computer databases.

It reduces destruction of data, loss, and theft.

The hackers cannot crash the hard drives. Installation of passwords and firewalls limits access to information.

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