Essay Sample on Bryson's Hotel Chain Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Date:  2022-11-08


Pure service organizations are continuously striving to reach consumers and differentiate their services in a manner that they have a competitive edge in the market. The complaints from consumers about inaccurate information or service provision is given utmost attention with responsive, polite and expertly trained workers. These new service realities are recognized throughout the service industry as the importance of customer production, empowered customer, satisfied employees, and unique services are given priority. Bryson's hotel chain has to implement various strategies aimed at strategically positioning themselves in the highly competitive hotel industry while staying ahead of the competition, offering affordable and maintaining superior quality.

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Service Differentiation and Marketing Positioning

There are various ways an organization can differentiate their services and pricing to maintain superior quality and strategically acquire a favorable position in the market.

Offering Secondary Packages

Bryon hotel chain can provide secondary service packages such as loyalty programs, merchandise for sale and free breakfast buffets. Although competitors can easily copy such features, Bryson hotel chain can continue to lead by introducing innovations that offer temporary advantages. Investing in innovations such as more restaurants, enticing lobbies, and cafes with enticing colors and fresh decors can also provide the makeover vital in inspiring creative solutions and consistent leadership as a brand (Kotler, Keller & Lane, 2012).

Incorporation of Self-Service Technologies

Self-Service Technologies (SSTs) are continuously replacing person-to-person service interactions (Kotler, Keller & Lane, 2012). Most hotels looking to lead in the industry are consistently embracing the rising demand for self-checkouts and internet-based services such as room service payments and table bookings. However, most SSTs are not a guarantee or superior service provision, but they offer faster, more convenient and accurate service transactions. Implementation of SSTs Bryson's hotel chain through PAGEthe integration of services depending on what people and machines do best and their separate and concurrent deployment ensures increased overall quality.

Consumer Commitment

Consumer commitment entails managing consumer expectations, identifying and satisfying their needs and complaints, and implementation of consumer psychology in pricing.

Word of mouth advertising and past experiences create a necessary relation between perceived and expected service. To avoid disappointing their consumers, Bryson's hotel chain should ensure their services both the expected and perceived service provision and offers that delight and surprise their customers. The needs of consumers should also be identified and tailored such that they a reliable life-cycle cost. Consumers also stop doing business with hotels after a bad service experience. Bryson's hotel chain can differentiate their services by encouraging their consumers to complain about an empowering their employees to remedy the situation as fast as possible (Kotler, Keller & Lane, 2012). Bryson's should also recognize that consumers do not take prices at face value but after interpretations based on prior experiences, purchases, formal and informal communications, and marketing trends. Understanding consumer psychology and offering prices after comparisons with what is offered by competitors can help Bryson's hotel chain to implement affordable and favorable pricing strategies.

Attaining Marketing Excellence

Focusing on internal, interactive and external marketing strategies can help Bryson's hotel chain to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Eternal marketing is focused on preparations, pricing, and promotion of services offered to consumers. Internal marketing entails the training and motivation of employees so they can adequately be of help to regular and prospective customers. Interactive marketing, on the other hand, is focused on fostering both technical and quality employee skills in serving customers (Kotler, Keller & Lane, 2012).

Differentiation of products and marketing position in the service industry is based on both employee and consumer satisfaction and, offering unique and demand-tailored products. Positive employee attitude inspires loyalty, job satisfaction, and commitment which inspires internal drives for customer-contact positions. Incorporation of innovations such as Self-service technologies can also help in creating a particular niche vital for the survival of Bryson's hotel chain in the highly competitive service industry.


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