Relevance and Importance of Positioning and Repositioning for Marketers - Essay Sample

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To acquire a proper market position, positioning and repositioning for the marketers play a significant role particularly in the strive to obtain a market growth. Positioning is the process utilized by marketers to help develop and determine how to best communicate the attributes of their products to the target customers based on the competitive pressure, customer preferences and needs, and available communication channels. In the case of Burberry, it plays a significant role in ensuring the marketers can communication their brand's position as well as how it is distinguished from the products of other competitors. Moreover, market positioning is significant since it determined in no small setting what customers perceive the products or services they receive. Therefore, market positioning is essential for Burberry marketers since it provides them with an understanding of customer needs. Constant knowledge of the customer needs, it seeks to identify the customer based psychographic and demographic attributes which Burberry marketers need to understand the needs of the customer and deliver what the customer needs. Also, market positioning is essential for the marketers since it assists the customers in weighing the competitive pressure and developing proper communication channels. As Burberry plans to scale up their market, the marketers need to convey the company's services or products at a competitive position. Product positioning also helps marketers how their communication is better than competitors.

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On the other hand, as Burberry intends to scale up the market, reposition is significant and essential. Repositioning entails the changing of the overall positioning of a brand. In various cases, repositioning may be used for product development; however, in the case of Burberry, it helps create a new image or target market. Repositioning is significant for marketer since its key benefit revolves around ensuring a competitive advantage. Correspondingly, there are several implications for the performance of the company in case such a move is successful. For instance, it gives the opportunities for higher productivity, enterprise growth, and scalability which could involve creating a competitive advantage that not only seeks to ensure successful competition but also includes development in terms of the Burberry's market position and product development.

Positioning Map and How the Positioning of the Brand will Change as a Result of the Process

A positioning map provides a diagrammatic tool that plays a significant role in the attempt to market a given product or service since every individual as their perception concerning a company is offering. In the case of Burberry, the positioning of the brand will change as a result of this process since the company needs to focus on the quality and creating an identity. For example, in consideration of its positioning as a designer brand, the company is seeking to reposition its self in the luxury sector which means an increase in price. Through this, it creates an attraction of luxury products which at the end of the day will attract high-end consumers which will lower the sales to the lower-end wholesalers. However, since most of the buyers are young customers, Burberry needs to ensure that products are easily accessible through digital activity. Thus, it means that the positioning of the brand will change as a result of this process in that it will create development in terms of value and quality as well. The positioning map shows the repositioning of Gucci and Primark.

  • Affordability
  • Mass Market
  • Prestige Price
  • Exclusivity

Two Methods Burberry Might Use to Achieve Repositioning

In cases where a company encounters a decrease in terms of sales over time, among various changes occurring over time, it is time to develop a brand reposition. Additionally, when a company changes the status of the brand, it means that the marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion) is affected; however, repositioning ensured consumer satisfaction in terms of wants and needs. In this case concerning Burberry brand reposition, one of the methods that can be used to achieve reposition is focusing on value-orientation. Within the value-oriented repositioning strategy, it revolves around the ability of the brand to create a value of its products and services in terms of quality. When a brand offered value, it delivers competition with other brands. Therefore, it means that, whenever a brand has a firmly established value in its products and services, there are high chances that it gains a competitive advantage which is essential in brands such as Burberry. Within this method that Burberry may utilize to acquire repositioning, it also sees creating an identity. In identity, the brand is tied together through a color scheme, logo, slogan, among other components that provide a unified identity and value.

Similarly, segment orienting through maintaining consumer engagement is a method that Burberry can use to achieve repositioning. In the segment orientation, it keeps that consumers can engage with the brand and feel involved. As a result, it gives the consumers a sense of belonging which is essential for companies such as Burberry considering that is a fashion company. The company can create physical merchandise where the brand can customize products to meet customer needs. Thus, a significant way that Burberry can use to achieve repositioning.

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