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Date:  2022-06-19

Different people purchase different products for different reasons, and in different places. Their decisions to actualize the purchases of products are motivated by the favorable factors associated with the process and the products themselves. Information regarding the product are found in sites like the internet sites. The interested party selects the best shopping bot based on its reliability to provide adequate information about the product being purchased. The shopping site selected should be easy to use, favorable number of offerings, have highest speed in obtaining the information, offer the best pricing as well as giving comprehensively exhaustive information on the product (Dietz, H et al. 2018). For the case of the digital camera pending purchase, the chosen one is the Canon Power Shot SX530 and the site selected is the Google Shopping as expounded in the subsequent paragraphs.

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The websites are useful because a comparison is made and the one which is easier to use, with higher number of offerings, high speed in obtaining information, fair pricing and reliable information regarding the product and seller is settled on. The sites give their comparative pricing for the camera where the google shopping site offers a price range of $178 to 218, showing different types of the camera Canon powershot SX530 and their corresponding prices and my Simons site showing the average pricing at $217 and a purchase at $167, hence a $50 offer.

The site chosen is the google shopping site. It has the fairest pricing of the product, ranging between $178 and $218, depending on the types, size and features of the camera. Its offers are also suitable as it ranges between $ 50 to $ 71 when paid for instantly. Also, it exhausts all the information regarding the product such that one makes informed decisions, coupled with its fastest speed of obtaining information regarding the product (O'Connell et al. 2011).

First, the camera selected is the Power Shot SX530. It is selected because of the reasons that favor the buyer, from fair pricing to its colorful features. It is bought at $ 217 with an offer of $ 57 alongside its quality features. When bought, it comes with a spare rechargeable Lithium ion battery. It is advantageous because it saves on the costs that could have been spent purchasing other batteries when the one under use gets exhausted. Also, the spare battery allows for the camera use for a longer period because the battery can get exchanged when one is totally discharged. It is especially suitable when operating in areas where the electric power supply is unreliable, limiting the battery charging. Also, it has a camera bag for easy carriage and avoiding falling and breakage during unguarded moments. It therefore helps safeguard the equipment, enhancing on its durability which also saves on the repair costs, helping maintain the financial stability of the user. Further, there is an offer guaranteeing free repair by the seller in the event it gets damaged for a particular period of time. The time offered is two years, validating on the quality of the product.

The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Digital Camera Deluxe Kit has 16 MP High sensitivity CMOS sensor combined with DIGIC 4+ image processor, forming the HS system which achieves impeccable clarity of image, more especially in dim lighting conditions alongside sensitivity to ISO 3200. It also facilitates the burst rate with high speed of 10 fps 9Reas et al. 2014). Its 50x zoom lens makes it work on a long range, with 24 - 1200 focal length range. Such features enable well capturing of images of objects long distance away, more clearly. Further, the device is wireless, transferring imagery to mobile devices using WI - FI hence lowering on boring data transfer connections using cables.


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