Relation Between Managing Project Knowledge Process and Organization Knowledge - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-29


Every project manager in any organization, require some good relevant knowledge in managing complex and costly projects (Srikantaiah et al., 2010). Knowledge management allows project managers to combine all the necessary resources needed to achieve a company's objective, for that reason, it is vital for any project manager to learn how to manage these project knowledge processes to deliver the desired outcome of the project. If a project manager leads the knowledge process well, the organization will be able to save some variable costs, revenue will increase, and the organization will gain some vast profits. Therefore, in project management, the overall team leader will determine the success or failure of a project or organization depending on the amount of knowledge the project manager has.

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On the other hand, project managers need to know how to manage knowledge based on organizational capabilities. Managing organization knowledge capabilities involves identifying the right way of handling competition, storage, and retrieval of the organization's data and supervising the company's resources. Consequently, project managers in many organizations have taken advantage of the advancement of technological software like database tools and sophisticated applications to manage knowledge in the best way possible. The primary purpose of these technologies is to allow an effective and efficient way of sharing out knowledge and vital information in the entire company. In these recent times, it would be tough to manage the organization knowledge without the help of these advanced tools (O'Brien & Southern, 2011).

Nowadays organizations strive to manage knowledge to ensure that performance is improved effectively. Managers need to involve themselves in sophisticated learning to control both the project management processes and organization knowledge because integrating these progressions is not an easy task. Although technology might be beneficial, still it is not enough, there is a lot to be done on the ground, that is, the people in the organization need to cooperate with the project manager to make sure that all the knowledge is well managed and applied in the right places. By allowing other parties in the organization to take part in managing project processes and organization knowledge, it would be easy to counter difficulties that arise in the company.

If there is a lack of sufficient knowledge in managing project processes, it would also be challenging to manage organization knowledge because these two goes hand in hand. Organization knowledge heavily depends on how the project process is going to be handled because if the project manager is going to manage the process effectively, then leading the organization knowledge capabilities would not be difficult to run. The only complex task in projects is managing the, and with the wrong knowledge management, the organization's performance is likely to go down. Moreover, managers should ensure they have the right knowledge both in managing the organization and handling the project management process to obtain better results.

Today, projects are becoming more complicated such that it can be so easy for employees to follow the wrong direction. Therefore, employees should also be educated on the importance of acquiring knowledge management which would help them in managing their various tasks in the organization. By doing so, it would be easier for project managers to handle the other processes of managing projects hence help in delivering the project results in the right time. Project knowledge management and organization knowledge capabilities should not be limited only to the top leaders in an organization but to every individual in the company (O'Brien & Southern, 2011).

The project knowledge management is directly related to the organization knowledge capabilities because the project processes will further determine the success or failure of a given product. For example, if a project successfully develops a product, it will be assumed that the project team had full knowledge of their organizational capabilities and the project manager was well equipped with the experience of handling the project management processes leading to the product success. Some organizations have formed a group or a department with their employees who assist in carrying out knowledge management both inside and outside the company. In order to establish such an environment, the top leaders in the organization, need to know the responsibilities of their employees and their ability to manage their areas of work and in turn, the project managers should be able to share their knowledge on how to handle their given responsibilities (Srikantaiah et al. 2010). Therefore, when an organization creates that ambiance where members of the project team learn from one another, the project deliveries will be successful and outstanding.

In today's world of business, organizational knowledge has been considered to be a precious asset (O'Brien & Southern, 2011). A company's knowledge system will determine the process in which the project manager is supposed to carry out his or her management processes and the type of knowledge to apply to deliver the desired results. The knowledge department in an organization may decide the software to be used and the appropriate products to be produced that would meet the needs of customers and the organization as well. Additionally, organizations should find the proper technological methodologies that would ensure information is shared effectively and also to adopt a collaborative culture of knowledge sharing.


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