Power and the Image of Nursing Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-12


Power is an ability that enables an individual or a group to carry out roles to achieve the required objectives. Power offers the person or groups the possibility of altering assertiveness and the performances of others. Thus for leadership to be operational, there must be some measures of power that support it.

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Types of Power

Reward power

The power is achieved by the capacity of an individual granting favors and incentives to others through any value. Resource of the rewards by a manager that distribute to the employees for them to work well towards accomplishing the organizational goals. The managers always work broadly and hard towards giving out the rewards which tend to develop a great deal of trustworthiness and devoutness towards the managers. The source of this power is through an individual leader or group leader ability to grant favors.

Coercive power

The power obtained by the fear of punishment by other subordinate members if they don't meet the expectations of their managers. The manager always gives threats such as transfer, dismissals, and demotion to the lower members if they do not meet the target. These managers avoid employees when exercising power as they are the people who criticize the employees when they fail to do the job well. The source of this power is the fear and intimation from top managers.

Legitimate power

The person obtains power because of the position. It is the power grown by an individual because of the title or the endorsed position in an organization. This legitimate power has an inherent ability to create approaches to responsibility. This legal power can be influenced by the socialization and philosophy of the subordinate which in turn determine how much power a manager will insert on the assistant. The source of this power is always the position of an individual.

Expert power

The person attains expert by acquaintance and experience of doing something. This power is always limited to a specific area where an individual has proficiency and knowledge. The source of this power is through education and skills.

Referent power

It is a kind of power a person obtained through identification by others. Some people can achieve it through association with the powerful. The perception of the power is always through an individual charisma, the way individual acts or talk, and the organizations the person belongs. Thus the power can be developed by what others perceive an individual to be powerful. The source of this power is through association with others.

How can someone increase Nursing power base

For one to gain human-professional authority in nursing occupation needs courtesy on social, moral, proficient, single and organizational capacities. Individuals do not develop power and authority by allocated power and compelling benefits of prospects and the resources only, but an individual should have an assertion of human and moral features that will maintain the control. Another strategy is to be an expert in nursing related areas and identify a good and positive role model that mentor you.


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